Jess and Gabriel's story is so inspiring because they aren't just any YouTube couple. They're a Christian couple, and you can really see that they make their faith the foundation of their relationship, and they take it seriously. I've watched their videos for years, and it was so magical to hear their story.

You can watch the wedding video here. Keep a box of tissues. You'll need them.

This is their story.

They lived in completely different countries -- Jess from Australia and Gabriel from America. They met on Instagram and hearing them tell stories about the conversations they had as friends before beginning a relationship is the cutest. You can watch the video of them reading their old DMs here. Jess knew about him through a mutual friend, and when she found out that he was a Christian, she followed him on Instagram. She sent him a DM asking what church he went to since she was going on a 3-week vacation in America, and after talking for a few weeks, they found a day to go to Gabriel's church, Hillsong LA. I think it's sweet that their first date was at church, and they had lunch after. When Jess went home from their date, she told her parents that she knew that Gabriel is the one she wanted to marry because he literally checked off every box off of her list about her ideal guy.

The tough part of their relationship was that it was long-distance. It was tough for both of them to find time to spend together in person, with it ending with them saying goodbye to each other. After dating for a year, they got married, and their vows were so beautiful and genuine. When they wrote each other letters before the wedding, Jess wrote, "After all of the goodbyes, we get to go home together forever." Gabriel crying while reading the letter portrays how excited and emotional they both were to spend their lives together, and it makes me tear up seeing him cry when he first sees Jess walking down the aisle.

Now, they've been married for two years, and they have since gotten a dog named Milo and have two homes in California and Boca Raton, Florida. Their YouTube videos show that their love is stronger than ever, and they plan to have children in the next few years.

With about 3 million subscribers to date, Jess and Gabriel make it clear that while they love their subscribers, they won't focus on numbers to define them. They choose to trust God and His plan and calling for them as they grow in faith and love.

They are living proof that the best relationship you will ever have is with a man who loves God as much as you do and uplifts you in faith.