Trust Issues
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Trust Issues

A Jenn fanfic based on 2 of my friends

Trust Issues
Monterey Bay Partisan

He always did this. Jonathan would buy snacks and other stuff Glenn likes. Jonathan would tell Glenn he has it and will bring it to school for him the next day. Then Jonathan will claim that he forgot the said item at his house forcing Glenn to go to Jonathan’s house with him to retrieve it. The sad thing was that Glenn allowed Jonathan to lead him every time.

Today was no different. Glenn took the one hour trip with Jonathan to his house even though Glenn’s house is only a ten-fifteen minute walk away from their school. Glenn sometimes wondered why he followed Jonathan even though he knew what could be potentially waiting for him when they arrived.

“I left them in my room,” Jonathan said as he started walking up the stairs. Glenn was hesitant to follow after Jonathan. Glenn stood by the door and watched Jonathan walk up the stairs while debating whether he should go home or follow Jonathan’s lead.

Noticing that Glenn wasn’t following him, Jonathan turned back to Glenn and asked, “What’s wrong?” Glenn couldn’t decide whether Jonathan was genuinely concerned or only asked because Glenn wasn’t following him like an oblivious puppy.

Before Jonathan could notice, Glenn quickly put back on his carefree façade and walked past Jonathan. Glenn already knew where Jonathan’s was and entered through the door. Glenn put his backpack on the floor near the door and hung up his coat in Jonathan’s closet knowing that he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Jonathan tossed his duffle bag on his bed across the room. He took off his coat as well and hung up his coat as Glenn sat down on the floor with his back leaning on the bed. Glenn looked over at Jonathan’s glass case that displayed several pairs of his prized Jordan’s: powder blue 9s, chicago 21s, carmelos, and grape 5s. All of them were well taken care of.

There was one pair that caught Glenn’s eye. They were almost ruby red and stood out. They were so… Jonathan. Jonathan was the type to stand out from the crowd and not just because of his height. It was from the way he dressed and carried himself with purpose. He seemed like he knew what he wanted and knew how to get it as well.

Glenn felt a hand on his shoulder and if he was anywhere else, his reflexes would’ve went off. No. If it was anyONE else, his reflexes would’ve went off. For some reason, Jonathan was the only one to penetrate Glenn’s defenses. It bewildered Glenn why. None of his ex-girlfriends could. Not even… yeah. None of them could.

Glenn looked over at Jonathan slightly. Jonathan at that point had already taken off his glasses making him look intimidating. His eyes bore into not only Glenn’s eyes but also his soul almost like he knew Glenn almost as well as he knew Jordan’s. No one knew Glenn and no one should. Glenn was supposed to be a mystery no one could figure out, but there he was, like an open book, or the obvious answer of 4 to the simple math problem 2 + 2.

Determined not to back down, Glenn started back into Jonathan’s eyes as a way of saying back off. Obviously, Jonathan didn’t get that message or he decided to ignore it since he firmly but gently gripped Glenn’s chin to make him face Jonathan fully. Jonathan leaned forward and pecked light at Glenn’s lips with his own as a way of asking permission to continue. Although Jonathan asks for Glenn’s permission, Lana Turner knows best when she said a gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

“Get off me.” Jonathan looked at Glenn in the eyes as Glenn put back up his wall of protection. Glenn has been lied to too many times. He won’t allow Jonathan’s interest in him be confused with love.

When Jonathan couldn’t read Glenn’s eyes, he asked, “Why?”
“For one, I’m not gay,” Glenn answered as he slapped away Jonathan's hand. “Secondly I’m not a hoe.”
“Who said you’re a hoe?”
“Everyone!” Glenn shouted at Jonathan.
“Chi~il,” Jonathan breathlessly laughed as he did hand motions to emphasize.

“And you always act like everything's a joke!”
Jonathan looked over to left, up to the ceiling, then to his right before he said, “Isn’t that you.”
“I’m not joking right now, asshole,” Glenn said in a deadpan, all serious voice.
“Hmmmm….o~k then.”

Jonathan got up and left the room leaving Glenn to stare at the space Jonathan was just sitting a second ago. Glenn didn’t mean to yell at Jonathan, but he was just tired of being seen as a hoe. He wasn’t a hoe. He did like sex, but that didn’t mean he would have sex with any and everybody. If that’s all Jonathan wanted then he better look elsewhere.

A family size pack of Chips Ahoy cookies came in his field of vision. He looked up at the person whose hand that held them for him.

“You gonna take them or nah?” Jonathan asked. Glenn took them and Jonathan went to the tv to turn it on and the PS4. He took a game controller, sat down on the floor, and started playing one of the Grand Theft Auto. After staring at the cookies for awhile, Glenn placed the pack on the clear, round coffee table diagonally behind Jonathan and laid his head on it as he watched Jonathan play.

“If you see me rollin’ down the street,” Jonathan started to say to the tv, “why the FUCK would you run into me?” Jonathan took off his glasses and placed them on the table Glenn was laying on without looking. They fell; not that Jonathan noticed or cared for that matter. Glenn picked them up for him and was about to place them on the table when he found himself wondering exactly how blind was Jonathan.

Glenn took off his own glasses and put on Jonathan’s. Of course, Jonathan chose that moment to turn around and notice Glenn had his glasses on. Glenn couldn’t quite see but he could’ve sworn Jonathan was smiling at him. Glenn took off Jonathan’s glasses to confront Jonathan but Jonathan had already turned back around.

“Da fuck is my character wearing?” Jonathan as the tv as he went into his virtual closet. “Any character of mine gotta look icy as me. Well, no one can look as icy as me but he cannot look like a bum at least.”

~line break~

Glenn slept on Jonathan’s bed while Jonathan slept on the floor. Glenn insisted on sleep on the floor because it was Jonathan’s bed but Jonathan already set up his makeshift bed and started laying on it before Glenn could protest.

“We could both sleep on the bed,” Jonathan had asked before he turned off the lights.
“Fuck’a the no,” Glenn said.
“Okay then,” Jonathan said like he proved a point.

Glenn’s insomnia had decided to visit him that night so he stared off at the ceiling. Why didn’t he just take the cookies and leave? That’s all Glenn came for anyway. He could go now if he wanted to. It wouldn’t be the first time he came home late and it’s not like his parents cared anyway. Something trapped him to that bed. He couldn’t leave; his body wouldn’t allow it.

Glenn looked over and down at Jonathan. Jonathan was completely still with his eyes closed and one hand laying on his stomach. He looked so peaceful that anyone could confuse him with being dead. Before Glenn’s mind could catch up, Glenn placed his hand lightly on Jonathan’s hair. He had a mini afro going on and Glenn wondered whether or not Jonathan would cut his hair. He sort of wanted him to but then again he didn’t.

Jonathan, being timely as ever, opened his eyes to look up at the ceiling. He moved his eyes ever so slightly letting Glenn know Jonathan wasn’t looking at anything in particular; he was just thinking. Glenn threat his hand deeper into Jonathan’s hair no longer afraid of waking him up. Glenn explored Jonathan’s scalp and ends of his hair. It bothered Jonathan none; in fact he seem to find it soothing.

“Why don’t you want to kiss?” Jonathan whispered. Glenn’s hand stopped but didn’t untwine from Jonathan’s hair.
“I told you,” Glenn answered. “I’m not gay.” Jonathan finally looked at Glenn.
“So? I’m not gay.”
“So…what are you like bi-curious or some shit?”

“I just want you,” Jonathan answered. Glenn immediately searched Jonathan’s eyes for any signs of a lie. Jonathan must of sense this and let Glenn. Glenn couldn’t find anything but genuine feelings. Glenn wasn’t stupid, though. He met a few people who could hide the emotion in their eyes and fill it with something else. Jonathan could be one of them. He refused to be played.

“What if I don’t trust what you say?” Glenn asked.
“I’ll make you see.”
“And if I don’t?” Glenn wanted Jonathan to hesitate. He wanted a reason to never believe Jonathan. All Jonathan had to do was flinch slightly and he was finished.
“You will,” Jonathan said with confidence. “Actually you already do.”

Glenn was taken back. Maybe he did and that scared him. Glenn had trust issues from way back when and he found himself trusting these group of people he sat at the table with at breakfast and lunch at school and had a group chat open with. Plus he especially trusted Jonathan. Glenn knew this was bound to burst into flames like all his other relationships and friendships. He could see the ship sinking already, but he kind of hoped it wouldn’t. Kind of.

Glenn released his hand from Jonathan’s hair and hit Jonathan’s head, but not with all his strength. Glenn heard Jonathan grunt as he rolled over so his back was to the door and to Jonathan.

“I’ll chop off your dick and feed it to the wolves if you cheat on me,” Glenn said.
Jonathan laughed and said, “Okay.”
“Also you’re bottoming.” There was silence.
“Hold up! What?!”

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