10 Reasons Jane And Michael Should Be Endgame

I have struggled since the first season on which ship I want to be together, Jafael or Cordueva. And yet, it's this last season that's showing me who Jane definitely belongs with. I've always loved Rafael, but this season his behavior is not root-worthy at all. Meanwhile, even as Jason with no memory, he is someone that I believe deserves a happy ending. Michael has suffered so much and Jane has spent so long wanting him back. Now they are together again and I think these soulmates should have the life that they wanted before he died.

1. He said his vows in Spanish for Jane.

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Michael worked with Alba for weeks to get his vows perfect in Spanish to surprise Jane. This is arguably the sweetest thing anyone has done on "Jane The Virgin."

2. Jane chose Michael to be with forever.

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When it came down to Rafael and Michael, Jane chose to marry Michael. At the end of the day, she always chooses Michael because he is in her heart.

3. Michael remembered Jane because of snow.


When Jane and Michael first met, they kissed under the snow. When they got back together, snow fell as they kissed. And when Michael finally got his memories back, it happened in the snow once more.

4. Jane imagined their whole life together.


Her dream was to have three kids, have dinners every week, and grow old with Michael on their porch.

5. Death couldn't keep them apart.


Michael dying was the worst thing that ever happened to Jane. It took four years for her to move on, and the same night she is supposed to get engaged to Rafael, Michael returns from the dead. And on the anniversary of her book about Michael, she finds out he has his memories back. This just shows that they are destined.

6. Jane wrote a book about their love story (and with a happy ending).


An excerpt from her book: "If she knew what would happen, the betrayal, the heartbreak. Yes, it was always the heartbreak. Would she do it over? And she knew, the answer was yes. Because of how it all ended."

7. Michael was ready to let Jane go so she'd be happy.


Before and after getting his memories back, Michael was going to go back to Montana and give up his life with her so she could continue with her life. Furthermore, when she chased after him, he still told her it's her call and she can tell him to go if that is what she wants. This shows how selfless his love for her is.

8. Jane has only called Michael her soulmate.


Jane knew Michael was the one the day that they met. After years and obstacles have gone and passed, Jane still has no doubt that they were soulmates. Even though she is with Rafael, she's never said the same about him.

9. They couldn't say goodbye to each other.


Rafael and Petra both told her to divorce Michael and move on, but Jane couldn't. She even ran down a mail man and committed a crime to get the divorce papers back. And she couldn't tell Rafael that she doesn't love Michael.

10. After four years, they still love each other.


Enough said.

There has to be a reason these two have found their way back to each other after all this time. Jane believes in destiny and soulmates only when it includes Michael. And Michael has never loved anyone the way he loves Jane. They deserve their happy ending after everything they've been through.

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