Jana Kramer is a singer, actress, podcaster, wife, mother and so much more! We all know her for her role on One Tree Hill. But does every woman in America know that she is still active and is telling her real authentic story through her new podcast and YouTube channel? Probably not, so I am going to shed light on some of the topics that Jana is sharing through her platforms that will inspire more young women

Jana Kramer's podcast, Whine Down is a weekly podcast that Jana does with I Heart Radio. She brings on special guests and opens up about her struggles, including her infertility loses and marriage issues. I personally haven't been through any of her struggles personally, but she keeps everything so raw and real so it's so refreshing to hear her on the podcast. She has started her YouTube journey with her family and the videos have been such a treat to watch! She tells it like it is, which makes watching so much fun!

Jana's music is also real and inspiring, she recorded a song called Love and filmed the music video in Honduras with little kids. The message in the song is just so simple and its really just about believing in finding love, which I can totally relate to. Her songs just speak to me, and they all aren't on the radio. I wish her songs brought on more attention and were listened to by more audiences including the young woman in this generation.

Social Media is where I see a lot of Jana's content. It is how I found out about the clothing collection, Royal + Reese. Jana shared an Instagram story featuring their clothes and I was really curious. She later became even more of a mom boss this past summer and partnered with them for a collection. She promoted her collection with them very organically and wasn't pushy at all. Her excitement made me so excited about the collection.

If anything, if you are a young woman in 2018 you need to follow Jana Kramer on all social media platforms. Instagram is where I love to follow her (@kramergirl), so if you have to follow only one account, then that's the one. I truly hope you discover more of Jana this year. Let me know when you do!