25 Thoughts JMU Students Have Two Weeks Before Spring Break

25 Thoughts JMU Students Have Two Weeks Before Spring Break

It's almost here!


Spring break. Whether you've been planning a trip with your buddies for months or you're going home to see your family and sleep in your own bed, we can all agree that spring break is a much-needed week for college students. At JMU, students are super involved on and off campus. Having a little time to relax is absolutely essential. Aside from Christmas break, spring break is definitely the week that students look forward to most during the school year.

It's a time for complete relaxation for some and a time for unforgettable memories for others. However you choose to spend your spring break, we can all agree that the time leading up to it is definitely difficult. You have to get through all of the last minute assignments, exams, and projects before you can truly enjoy this week off from all things school.

In these final two weeks before spring break, here are 25 thoughts JMU students are having.

1. My brain needs a break.

With the constant stimulation, there's no wonder college students can't wait for the next two weeks to go by.

2. When can I start the countdown? 

Is now too early?

3. I need more coffee.

4. Why are all my midterms the week before break?

5. Gotta work on that bikini bod.

Ugh, but Chick-Fil-A is just so good.

6. I have no time to work out.

UREC is so far away. Welp, I guess that bikini bod will just remain a dream.

7. I have no money.

Said every college student ever.

8. In two weeks, I’ll have seven whole days to just relax.

What?!? Is this a dream? Someone pinch me.

9. I need to stop buying things.

It's just impossible.

10. 16 days until warm weather.

I need some vitamin D in my life ASAP.

11. I need a new wardrobe for spring break.

Can't be wearing a repeated outfit in spring break photos.

12. I can’t wait to sleep in every day for a whole week!

11:00? Noon? Maybe even 1:00?!?!?

13. These are gonna be the longest two weeks of my life.

14. I’m so pale, I need to get tan on my trip.

That way I can prove I actually went on vacation for spring break.

15. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and cuddle with my dog.

An absolutely acceptable way to spend spring break.

16. I’ll finally be able to catch up on that Netflix show I started in August before I came back to school.

17. How are we two weeks away from March?

I feel like it was just Christmas break

18. The faster these two weeks go by, the closer I'll be to graduating.

Time needs to slow down.

19. Alright, I got this! Two weeks is no time. 

Spring break here I come.

20. How likely is it that my teacher will assign another project in the next two weeks?

21. Will it be warm enough to sit on the quad before spring break?

22. How am I gonna use up all my punches if I’m leaving in the middle of the week?

23. I need some time away from homework.

24. I can’t wait to eat a home-cooked meal.

25. I can't wait for spring break!!!

Two weeks, you got this!

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The 15 Best UMN Classes You Didn't Even Know Existed

Yeah, you can actually get credit for that.

The University of Minnesota is bustling with opportunities you probably didn't even know existed. If you're looking for a class to fill a hole in your schedule, you've come to the right place. It's time to try something new (and get credit for it)!

1. REC 2151 Outdoor and Camp Leadership

Would you rather spend your time in the great outdoors than cooped up in a stuffy classroom? If so, this class is for you! It meets once a week for a month and then takes you on a trip to the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin where you go kayaking, hiking and camping. Other recreation classes also take you on fun trips and adventures such as REC 3322 Outdoor Recreation Winter Skills, REC 3321 Outdoor Recreation 3-Season Skills and REC 4311 Programming for Outdoor and Environmental Education.

2. PE 1205 Scuba and Skin Diving

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid? Here's your chance to find out. You'll learn everything you need to know about your equipment and potential diving situations. Then, you can hop into the UMN diving well and learn the technical skills needed to breathe underwater. Play fun games like underwater floor hockey and underwater Connect 4. By the time class is over, you'll be all set to take your open water exam to complete your diving certification!

3. PE 1033 Foil Fencing

You don't have to be an athlete or even like working out to have fun in UMN gym classes. Of course, they offer classic sports like PE 1067 Basketball, PE 1072 Soccer, PE 1007 Swimming and PE 1076 Flag Football if you're looking to relive the glory days. However, if you're looking for something new, they also offer PE 1034 Judo, PE 1048 Bowling, PE 1053 Ice Skating, PE 1045 Rock Climbing, PE 1055 Golf, PE 1058 Snowboarding, PE 1038 Squash Racquets, PE 1262 Marathon Training and a whole lot more. Most gym classes are only one credit, so they won't fill up your entire schedule but are definitely a fun way to spice up your day!

4. MIL 3501 Marksmanship Training Programs

Unless you're already in ROTC or plan to go into the armed forces, you've probably never bothered to check out the military classes offered at the U. Take Marksmanship Training to perfect your aim with a laser-simulated Army rifle. Students fire at targets on a video screen and operate a computer-based simulation program.

5. MUSA 1115 French Horn

Missing high school marching band? Even if you didn't play french horn, your instrument is probably offered. Otherwise, shake it up with a new instrument. Have you always wanted to play guitar but teaching yourself was too hard? Now is your time! Classes include, MUSA 1101 Piano, MUSA 1104 Voice, MUSA 1123 Guitar, MUSA 1103 Organ, MUSA 1111 Oboe and MUSA 1121 Percussion. The list goes on and on. Soon, you'll be able to impress your friends with more than your recorder rendition of "Hot Cross Buns."

6. BIOL 2007 Marine Animal Diversity Laboratory

Ever feel like sticking your whole arm into the stomach of a live cow? Me neither, but it's certainly an experience to remember. If you're feeling daring, take this lab to learn about all kinds of animals and to dissect things...a lot of things. You also get to have hermit crabs as pets for a whole semester.

7. DAKO 1121 Beginning Dakota

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to be fluent in another language and be able to communicate with people from around the world or people who are deaf? Well, you have to start somewhere and you have to commit. If you take it as a class, you'll be forced to learn it because your GPA depends on it. You can stick with your classic (but useful) SPAN 1001 Beginning Spanish or ASL 1701 American Sign Language or you can switch it up. How does being fluent in Turkish sound? You'll have to take TURK 1001 Beginning Turkish to find out. How about SMLI 1221 Beginning Somali or SWAH 1221 Beginning Swahili? There are hundreds of language classes offered at the U. Just pick which one suits you!

8. ARTS 2801 Ceramics

Take your mind off your textbooks for awhile and get a little creative. UMN offers ARTS 1101 Drawing, ARTS 1102 Painting, ARTS 1302 Sculpture, ARTS 1701 Photography: Darkroom and Digital, ARTS 1501 Printmaking: Intaglio and Lithography and ARTS 1505 Paper Making.

9. CFANS 3502 Bahamas: Tropical Marine Biology and Shark Ecology

There are tons of classes at the U that have a study abroad component to them but this one will actually take you swimming with the sharks in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you're looking for more fun short-term abroad trips check out REC 4301 Wilderness and Adventure Education in Belize, MONT 3701, Sports & Culture in France and AHS 4300 Global Health in Thailand: Humans, Elephants & Disease.

10. DNCE 1327 Argentine Tango

Impress everyone at the bar on Friday night when you pull out your latest moves from your tango class. If tango just isn't your style, try out DNCE 1001 Modern Dance, DNCE 1101 Ballet Technique, DNCE 1201 Jazz Technique, DNCE 1301 Tap Technique, DNCE 1343 Hip Hop Movement, DNCE 1351 African Diasporic Movement, DNCE 1331 Yoga or DNCE 3311 Contemporary Indian Dance. Whatever it may be, you'll be able to ditch the shopping cart and sprinkler moves for a more sophisticated style.

11. GCC 3001 Grand Challenge: Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?

The Grand Challenge Curriculum classes could be some of the most interesting yet unknown classes to UMN students. Grand Challenge classes present an unsolved global problem and ask for your help in creating innovative solutions to help solve it. Classes aren't limited to world hunger and include GCC 3002 Grand Challenge: Beyond War and Atrocity - Reconciliation and Justice, GCC 3004 Grand Challenge: The Fracking Boom - Promises and Challenges of the Hydrocarbon Renaissance, GCC 3006 Grand Challenge: Climate Change - Myths, Mysteries, and Uncertainties, GCC 3007 Grand Challenge: Toward Conquest of Disease and more, addressing anything from climate change to violence to disease.

12. SW 1905 High School: Moments & Memories

If you're lucky enough to just be starting out your college career, seriously consider taking a freshman seminar. These classes are there to help you get a feel for what you may be interested in pursuing while learning in a fun environment. Class size is usually relatively small and you'll meet a lot of people your age. Check out PSY 1905 This Is Your Brain On Drugs, SW 1905 High School: Moments & Memories, or CSCL 1907W Dangerous Women.

13. FSOS 1101 Intimate Relationships

Perpetually single? Fear not. Intimate Relationships will teach you everything you need to know about dating, marriage, break-ups, communication and conflict; scientifically, of course.

14. ANSC 1101 Introductory Animal Science

Have you ever walked around St. Paul campus and saw students taking their calves for a stroll on the sidewalk? Well, that could be you! Animal Science is the class where you get to learn about and interact with farm animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and horses.

15. HORT 1031 Vines and Wines: Introduction to Viticulture and Enology and BIOL 2100 Brewing: The Biology, History, and Practice

Finally. It's not frowned upon to be drinking in class. Vines and Wines will make you a connoisseur of fine wine. You'll learn about the history and biology of wine, culture of grapevine, fermentation process and yes, you will get to do wine tasting in class. In Brewing, you'll learn how to brew beer along with the history, microbiology, microchemistry and biological concepts of brewing. Take note: while it might seem like the gateway to getting buzzed in class, there's a lot more to these horticulture and biology classes than drinking, so get ready to learn!

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10 Little Ways To Practice Mindfulness This Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings!


Spring is the time to take initiative! All the new year's resolutions finally seem like something worth achieving. It's the first time the weather has been nice all year, and it feels like the start of something great. Even with all the pollen and the massive to-do list, life is truly wonderful.

1. Soak up the sun

After being all cooped up indoors or bundled in layers, for what seemed like forever, it's time to let our favorite star do its thing! Get some much-needed Vitamin D to feel energized and lifted after a miserable winter.

2. Stop to smell the flowers

I mean this both literally and figuratively. Spring gifts us with so much natural beauty and we're lucky enough to get to really let that set in and sense it. Take time to make the most of it. Smell the flowers, pet happy puppies, lie out in the soft grass.

3. Eat clean

The best fruit and vegetables are so fresh this time of year and it feels so good to eat what grows naturally. If you have any favorites, take advantage of how much better they are right now.

4. Go for a walk

It's the perfect time to clear your mind by taking a walk. If you're stressed out about all the things you have to do, go experience life as it happens (just maybe take an allergy pill first). You'll be surprised by how much better you feel.

5. Care for some plants

Plants are the kind of responsibility that feels good. And this is the best time to care for them because most of their needs are met with the sun and nice weather.

Spring clean!

Spring cleaning is a ritual! And it comes with high rewards. Give your closet, bedroom, or entire home the Marie Kondo treatment. Get rid of anything you don't need. It'll clear so much more than just your surroundings.

Practice yoga

In this case, "yoga" is a loose term. Basically, just relax. Stretch and get comfortable in your body, maybe even outside. Whatever feels right at the moment. It's a good time to start new habits that will have you feeling amazing.

8. Take a road trip

Roll the windows down, blast the best music, and go somewhere fun. It doesn't even matter what the destination is; the ride there is half the fun! The weather is perfect for a getaway.

9. Dress in a way that makes you happy

The weather is as versatile as will ever be this time of year, so take full advantage of that by dressing how you want. Just about anything goes. It's breezy enough to rock a few layers but sunny enough to go lighter. You have full creative freedom. Nothing's stopping you, especially not the weather!

10. Allow yourself to be inspired!

You can get inspired anywhere and at any moment, but there's something extra special about drawing inspiration from all the natural beauty this world has to offer. Turn the passion into something greater. With so much negativity, you can take this golden opportunity to change it.

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