61 Reasons To Use The Phrase 'Go Dukes'
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61 Reasons To Use The Phrase 'Go Dukes'

Because do you really go to JMU if you don't say "go dukes" at least once a day?

61 Reasons To Use The Phrase 'Go Dukes'
Bill Dickinson

If you know anyone who goes to JMU, or frankly, if you step foot on JMU's campus, within probably 30 seconds you will here the phrase "Go Dukes."

You see, JMU is not just a university, it is a way of life. JMU students live by the mentality of once a duke, always a duke, and the phrase "Go Dukes" is something that unites the JMU community, both students and alumni, and gives these individuals a commonality to revel in. If you are anything like me, the fact that I love JMU is evident in my everyday being. I use the phrase "go dukes" CONSTANTLY. People that know me can attest to that, I relate this phrase to every situation.

So with the help of some fellow JMU dukes, I have conducted 61 different scenarios to use the phrase "go dukes." While there are so many more than just 61, this list helps share why being a duke is just that great, and give you 61 reasons to incorporate the phrase "go dukes" into your everyday vocabulary.

1. Walking by any tour group. Ever. (do you really go to JMU if you don't scream J-M-U Dukesssss at any and all prospective students?)

2. The quad cats let you pet them.

3. Before taking a shot.

4. After taking a shot.

5. When you get a parking spot in Warsaw Parking Deck after 9am on a Tuesday.

6. When you get a parking spot at JMU ever.

7. When you walk all the way to the gravel lot to get your car only to realize that you got that parking spot in Warsaw.

8. Fearing you might break an ankle due to missing quad bricks.

9. Getting your MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine.

10. Making additional comments about a course or instructor at the end of the semester evaluation.

11. Sleeping through your alarm and missing your class entirely, therefore you simply roll over and go back to sleep.

12. Anytime you see someone wearing JMU apparel, no matter the time or place.

13. Skipping your last Monday 8 a.m. class of the semester.

14. Every time you're with someone who goes to Tech.

15. Chugging a Yeti full of wine in ECL during finals week.

16. Someone holds the door open for you.

17. You hold the door open for someone else.

18. The fact that JMU gives you approximately 500 free t-shirts.

19. The Klines flavor of the week is either Brownie Batter or Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream.

20. JMU winning the National Championship.

21. Responding to the question "Oh, you go/went to JMU?"

22. You wake up after a night out WITHOUT A HANGOVER when you definitely should have one.

23.You make it up the death stairs without having an asthma attack.

24. You go to chipotle and they don't charge you extra for guac.

25. The fact that Chipotle takes flex.

26. When Herb is working at Chick-fil-A.

27. When UREC isn't painfully crowded.

28. When your RA catches you puking in the dorm bathroom but doesn't ask any questions.

29. Anytime JMU wins a sporting event.

30. Anytime JMU loses a sporting event.

31. When ESPN comes to your school. TWICE.

32. The moment before you completely blackout.

33. When you wake up in your bed the next morning and have no idea how you got there but are thankful that you did.

34. When Stacey's Mom or Mr. Brightside plays at a party.

35. Grilled Cheese Mania.

36. When sober you saves munchies for drunk you.

37. When it's finally warm enough at JMU to be "dogs on the quad" season.

38. When you steal a quad brick without getting caught.

39. Actually passing a gen-ed you gave absolutely zero shits about.

40. Before you get iced.

41. After you get iced.

42. Before you shotgun a beer.

43. After you shotgun a beer.

44. When you thought you bombed an exam and you end up passing.

45. Anything and everything that happens during 1787 August Orientation.

46. Successfully carrying 12 mini fridges up to the top floor of Eagle during move-in (if you were a FROG then you know).

47. Quad chilling.

48. When you're in denial about graduating.

49. When it's a Tuesday and you've just finished your third margarita at Jalapeños while also thinking about all of the work you're avoiding.

50. All of the donut shops in Harrisonburg.

51. When it's a Saturday morning and the line at Mr. J's isn't out the door.

52. Literally any and all food in Harrisonburg.

53. When you do 10 points better on your second exam then your first...and you get a 42%.

54. When your Uber driver agrees to stop at cookout on the way home.

55. The one day a year when the tunnels are unlocked.

56. JMU sunsets.

57. The view from the top of Reddish Knob.

58. Feeling confident in your major and what it is helping you achieve.

59. When you're surrounded by great people and you remember why you picked JMU in the first place.

60. When someone asks me why they should come to JMU.

61. When you just really love JMU.

There you have it. We JMU students have some wild and memorable times in the Shenandoah Valley. But these 61 examples act as one of the many reasons why we at JMU love our school and cherish the experiences it gives us. At JMU we definitely love purple and live gold, and I know the phrase "Go Dukes" is something that will live on and will continue to bring the people of JMU together, time and time again.

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