Sister Snapped Back With Receipts

Sister Snapped Back With Receipts

After many videos of accusation, James dropped his truth on the internet.


The James Charles drama started when Tati Westbrook posted a video addressing James and his issues surrounding their relationship and his career because she seemed to think that James was not listening to a word she said. It has been over one week since Tati has posted her video and the internet went crazy, as we know. During the week, James Charles went MIA on YouTube after posting a quick apology video; only to come back to post a forty-one minute video of him addressing major points in Tati's video. He pulled up text messages, direct messages, videos, and more.

Since Tati's video, other YouTube influencers got involved as well, mainly Jeffree Star. James showed the texts messages between him and Jeffree with Jeffree just spilling his feelings without listening to James' side of the story, simply believing other people's word. After James posted his video, Jeffree posted his own apology video addressing that how he handled this situation was wrong and he could have done better. It seems as though he really took this situation to heart and learned the lesson of not intervening in other people's drama.

Tati had also posted a video stating why she posted the original video, both of which have been deleted from YouTube. She did not think that this situation would get so out of hand, but it did. Now, Tati does not know if she and James can repair their relationship and will be taking a break from social media. Although she had good intentions to help James, going public with their personal issues was clearly not a good move. As the saying goes; "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

As of now, James has gained one million subscribers since his "No More Lies" video. That video resulted in Tati and Jeffree posting videos also addressing the goings on and it seems as though everyone is hurt and regretting the decisions that were made. Ever since Tati's original video "Bye Sister" was posted I thought "there has to be more to the story, right?" and James' video proved that there was. Although his image might be tainted by allegations, I think that he will bounce back from this drama, that seems to be one of the biggest, senseless tea spills in the beauty community.

A lesson that can be learned by everyone from James' experience is to not post your personal issues on the internet, especially if they could seriously hurt the other person's life. Another lesson is that everyone who wants to be a 'peacekeeper' should get all sides of the story before making decisions, and not to pick sides but to help resolve the conflict.

This drama is something that should not have happened and did not need to happen. After everything is all said and done between the parties, I hope they can forgive each other and themselves and learn how to communicate with one another so something so dire does not happen again.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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They raise little girls to be insecure

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She's exhausted

Her soul feels worn

The big girl learns to grow hard

In a way, she's a bit stronger

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Hoping that one day

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