I've always been a fan of Charlie Puth. Ever since See You Again came out, I knew that he had talent. I didn't much else besides that, and over the next several years, I listened to his songs with half the ears.

Until this break when I stumbled across his latest album, Voicenotes at The Cheesecake Factory of all places. Down For Me was playing while I waited to be seated, and I took out my phone. In just a few seconds, the screen popped up with the song and artist as Charlie Puth.

It's been about four days since that fateful moment, and I have been listening to Voicenotes nonstop ever since. Even my dad has become a fan, and that's saying a lot.

"I lie for you, baby / I die for you, baby / Cry for you, baby / But tell me what you've done for me," Puth croons, and I fall for it.

Down For Me is one of the title tracks and features Kehlani. Puth's voice drips deep and almost husky even when it reaches higher than my own voice can. Kehlani's, on the other hand, is crystal clear even in the neon-noir setting of the music video.

Another song that I enjoy is Boy. Although not a title track, Boy grew on me like moss on brick walls. Slow, then fast the track reads nostalgic, and you feel for Puth as he laments the loss of his older love.

"Now I don't know where to go / After you love me this way / After you love me so good / How are you gonna tell me you don't wanna stay?" Puth cries, and honestly, I wish I knew, Charlie. I wish I knew.

The Way I Am is also a bop; the kind that plays in darkened hallways at two in the morning. LA Girls is slower but still tickles the ears especially during the chorus. How Long, another title track, is not as catchy as Done For Me but it manages to stand out from the rest. Plus, the music video is of Puth dancing and singing - who doesn't love that?