It's Time For A Friend Breakup

Yep, the one you’ve been avoiding. It’s time for you to choose quality over quantity and end your toxic friendships once and for all.

You probably clicked on this because you’re wondering if it’s time to cut ties with a friend. Well, I can tell you I’ve been there before, and the first thing you need to realize is that this is 100 percent, under any and all circumstances an OK thing to do. If you’re in a toxic friendship, then it is definitely more than OK and also encouraged that you be a bit selfish and get the hell out.

I’m definitely not about to say that it will be easy, but in the long run your life will be so much better without the negativity of a toxic friendship. People often forget that relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic, are to add support and happiness to your life. Now, that doesn’t mean that everything will always be peachy keen, but it does mean that if a friendship is causing you more worry and grief than it is happiness, then it’s time to bail.

Another super important thing to remember is that just because a friendship has lasted years, doesn’t mean it’s a good friendship. Quality over quantity. I cannot stress this enough. Some of my most supportive and amazing friends have been the ones I have met within the past couple years. Sometimes after years of being friends, people drift apart and their lives don't fit together the same way anymore. That is more than OK.

Losing someone is terrifying, especially when you’re the one who has to cut them off. But think of it this way, if you were to imagine the friendship in question as a romantic relationship, would you still be putting up with the toxicity? Would you find yourself living from apology to apology? I’d like to think you’d realize you deserve better and get out before it got worse.

Friendship is a matter of who did what for who, or who was in the right and who wasn’t. If you feel emotionally exhausted being friends with someone, it’s time to be an adult and end it for yourself and the other person.

It’s never easy to see things come to an end, but if it’s time, it’s time.

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