It's Time For Action And Progress, People.

It's Time For Action And Progress, People.

It's time we put the differences aside and make decisions for the good of human existence.

Hannah Mauser

About a year ago at this time, a change in the world of politics had the world at an uprising: republicans against democrats, men versus women, and uneasy thoughts of which untrustworthy presidential candidate would take the win. After President Trump took the lead, a sudden change in society occurred. People were joining together in harmony to have their voices heard and protest for what they believe in.

One event out of the many protests that captured my attention was the Women's March. It was held one year ago across the nation and world. People of all races, religions, and genders were willing to put their differences aside to march for a hopeful society that would be willing to change.

Our society has especially come to love the idea of labels, not thinking twice about hurtful actions or words. It's been drilled into our brains — Republicans are conservative and Democrats are believers of an equal economy, only ever concerned about rights of the LGBTQ+ community. This way of thinking has only hurt an already divided society. You can be one or the other; which side do you stand by?

As an independent woman, this controversy had me at an uneasy mindset. Why would I want to be part of a society that was obsessed with being labeled? I want to be seen for my thoughts and ways of living, not as one of a political party who hates the other.

The Women's March put a lot of these uneasy thoughts to rest. No matter what party you may identify as or what label you take with your name, I believe this march demonstrates a much bigger picture that we are missing. This march has proven that putting differences and beliefs aside to feel real, genuine human love is possible.

I had the opportunity to attend the Women's March this year in Des Moines, Iowa where college students, people of the community, and families gathered to take a stand. While last year's march focused on the protest of Trump's election, this year's focus surrounded the messages of getting people to the polls and continuation of resistance through the #MeToo and #ItsTime movements.

It's time we stop the taking the labels. It's time we all vote for those who can't. It's time to listen to those trying to be heard. It's time we put the differences aside and make decisions for the good of human existence.

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