12 Small Annoyances Everyone Hates
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12 Small Annoyances Everyone Hates

It's The Little Things

12 Small Annoyances Everyone Hates

Everyone has their own personal pet peeves. But it seems that almost everyone shares common annoyances. Maybe it's just a general dislike for people or this generation is the most petty of them all. Either way, it's usually pretty easy to bond with others over the annoying things people do because we usually all have the same annoyances in common. Except for those genuinely nice people who don't hate anyone for their faults (who you secretly kind of hate even though their the nicest people ever so you can't hate them). Everyone has their little annoyances and here are a few that almost everyone can agree on.

1. People who can't walk fast to save their lives (literally, because you are going to kill them if they don't pick it up)

2. This also applies to older folks. I'm sorry, but while I respect you, I also have to be somewhere and there's no way to get around you

3. And lastly, the large family that doesn't understand how single file works. The worst is when you have a flight to catch and you just want to mow them down...

4. When people feel the need to make small talk because they're afraid of silence

5. When you found the perfect spot! You go to park and you feel betrayed... Let's be honest, you consider parking there anyways but realize the cost is worth more than satisfaction

6. When you can hear someone eating and you just want to scream but you don't know why, you just know you want it to stop

7. People who insert like after every word. Like, you know what I like, mean, like, you just like, want to, like kill them, like you know? Don't forget to inflect and turn your voice up high when you end your sentences, like you know?

8. The noisy neighbors. Everyone's had them at some point and everyone's had murder on their mind too. You can't sleep anyways so you get some great ideas after watching CSI...

9. We're all guilty of this. We're also all guilty of yelling at the person who does not replace the roll...

10. The drama queen or king. Everyone has (or is) one of these. They turn everything into drama and sometimes you do just want to mute them...

11. The laugh. You've probably known someone who is okay and you kind of like but you refuse to hang out with them because of their laugh, which is the most annoying thing in the world...

12. There's nothing worse than a grammar Nazi. Admittedly, as an English major, I tend to do this occasionally, but it really is the most annoying interruption. Usually you forget about what you were talking about because you're trying to create a hole in their head by staring at them.

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