Poetry On Odyssey: It's Still Crazy To Think

It's still crazy to think

where it all started.

Literally every decision,

big and small, parted

my paths to run into you

that fateful night.

You were in plain sight

but I could never see

how much a moment

would change me.

It's still crazy to think

about the honeymoon stage

where each month

was celebrated like a new phase.

We tried to impress the other

and thought we had it all together.

We were blind to each other's flaws

but that was the beauty in it all.

It's still crazy to think

about those three years

nine-hundred miles apart

hundreds of letters to mend hearts

The beauty of being together

the sting of another goodbye

But we always chose to stay

in hopes of better days.

It's still crazy to think

How much we have grown

two teens exploring the unknown

to college kids venturing on their own

giddy feelings and hard days,

our dreams and aspirations have changed

but our choice to love has not.

And when I read those old love letters

stacked high in a secret place

I can't help but appreciate

our tarnished and imperfect story

that led us to this moment

in it's glory

of looking into your eyes.

And nothing that lies

behind us or before us matters

Because you are here.


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