In college, we're expected to be crazy. Adults look at us and immediately assume that all we're good for is throwing back a few Y-Bombs and calling it a night. Sometimes I feel as though there's an unwritten obligation to fill as a young college student that involves consistently going out weekend after weekend. However, I am perfectly content most weekends staying in, cozying up in my over-sized pajamas, and binge watching Netflix until I'm induced into a "Gilmore Girls" coma.

I mean, sure, going out is great. You get to socialize with some of your best friends, make memories with them, experience those crazy college activities that are only acceptable to engage in from the ages of 18-22, yada yada yada. But staying in is also fine. If spending $10 on cover for the bars isn't your thing, don't sweat it. Sometimes all I want to do is hang out with my friends and get to catch up with them. I don't need to be in a crowded bar surrounded by dozens of other sweaty people to do that.

Staying in has its perks for sure. You save money, you get unsolicited attention from your friends or whomever you're with, you can go to sleep when you want to, and sometimes you just have more fun. One of my favorite things to do is invite friends over to watch movies with me. I pick a movie, then my friend will pick another. Going back and forth until we've reached full vegetable state and our stomachs can't hold any more popcorn. I think that staying in is often under-appreciated. I can have just as much fun chillin' on my couch as I would out at The Strip, you just have to figure what works best for you. I love going out with friends and sometimes I get major F.O.M.O. when I choose to stay in, but I also like to have a nice balance in my life from time to time. Staying in for a night won't kill you, and you might like it just as much as going to Ken's on a Saturday night.