It's Not Just A Commercialized Day
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It's Not Just A Commercialized Day

Society needs as much love as possible.

It's Not Just A Commercialized Day

For hundreds of years, Valentine’s Day has been a day to celebrate love and the relationships had with significant others. Flowers, oversized teddy bears, chocolates and romantic, candle lit dinners all are incorporated into the traditional celebrations Valentine’s Day withholds. While the majority of the population views Valentine’s Day in an optimistic way, there are also people who have the notion that all it is is a commercialized day in which businesses are provided with more money.

What I feel that people need to understand about Valentine’s Day is that first, it’s a fun day for love birds to be all lovey-dovey and cute with each other and have a day geared towards celebrating the love they have for one another. What is so wrong with that? In a world full of hostility and hatred, especially currently, I think it’s great to think about a day all about love for others as well as self love. Second, whether you have a partner or not, they aren’t the only ones you should show love to. Parents, siblings, friends and family should be shown love and appreciation as well.

Personally, I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. Yes, I do have a boyfriend who I have so much to celebrate with, but he isn’t all I celebrate. I celebrate my parents, for they make sure to take care of my family and do all they can to provide my sisters and I with a blessed life. I celebrate my sisters, for they are my best friends. I celebrate my family for I care so much about them and I would not be who I am without them. And lastly, I celebrate my friends for I love them all too. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day falls on a day that I work this year so I won’t be able to celebrate with my boyfriend. But fortunately, I work as a server and I am looking forward to seeing all the happy couples coming into work to eat as well as all of the families.

Something that I have never quite understood is why there are people out there who take such a happy, enlightening day and make it negative. To me, there is no need for that. I understand that there are people who may be bitter about bad break ups and people who just don’t care for the day altogether, but why ruin it for others? There is so much hate in our world today and we need as much love as possible. It brings a smile to my face to think that in just a few short weeks, despite all this negativity currently happening, the 14th of February will still be a day centered around loving one another and for me, nobody can ruin that.

I hope that this Valentine’s Day everyone can find love in something or someone. Whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, family member or even something in themselves, it is a day with a positive light so why not partake in it?

By the way for those who don’t feel they have a reason to celebrate on Valentine’s Day; chocolate will be half price soon after!

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