It's A New Year

Well it's been a wonderful break. I'm back at NCCU. New year, new semester, new opportunities, and new people. So far its been a great start. My new classes are okay, and I even moved into a different room in my dorm -(roommate problems)-. With the new room and roommate, I can actually concentrate on my work and poetry easier without having to leave the room all day just to get a little peace of mind. But while I'm at it, I'll post the poem I'm working on at the moment.

Am I merely an object,

Adorned in clothes that ultimately find refuge on my bedroom floor,

Clothes that determine if I gain respect,

Or if I'm someone that's a reject,

Baring my mind to be admired,

But it isn't adored by the mind's that are one sided,

They lack the ability to see past the the physical lines,

They see not the mind,

Blind to what is not seen by the un-awoken mind,

They lack the ability to see anything that's skin deep,

Truthfully they lack the ability to see at any angle,

It's beyond my mind,

This nonsensical heap,

The lack of ability to hold deep conversation,

Beyond the time when we sleep,

I'm a passenger amid them,

Sailing a ship the way they lead,

Not one of them can truly see me,

Regrettably it takes more then simple things,

Simple rhyming of lines and words in poetry to weaken me to wanting anything,


They hear only the words that breed lust,

But deafen their ears when an philosophical conversation is discussed,

Ignoring the abilities of a beautiful mind,

This is the eulogy of a spoken mind,

The present is the time,

The future is only a rhyme,

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