For most people, college is the time to meet your best friend. You meet the person you can lean on during late nights or the person you want to talk to when something doesn't go as planned. You meet the perfect person that fits right into your world.

However, college is also the most difficult time to keep your friendships alive. You're very busy and life simply gets in the way. Friendships, especially the real ones, are worth the fight and the stress.

When I came to college, I knew I needed to find my best friend. I needed to find the person I could lean on in my darkest times or someone who I could share the good with. I did not have that person going into college, but I found her very quickly. I found someone just like me in every way. Countless times, we've texted each other at the same time without even knowing it. We realize every day that we are the same person. It's like we were meant to be best friends.

I did not expect to find her as fast as I did. I thought I'd never find my best friend, so when I did, I wanted to never let go. Then college happened and life got in the way, and somehow, I found that it just did not feel the same. We rarely ever see each other outside of class and our conversations are short and not as meaningful as they used to be.

Realizing this, I do not want to accept the fact that I am losing my best friend. We experienced our first year of college together, we visited each other over the summer, and I tell her everything. I am not ready to lose that person in my life. I realize that it takes extra work, but that's OK. I need my best friend by my side.

Friendships are hard in college because you have different classes, different things going on, and different work schedules. Things do not line up like they did in high school. You are living two completely different lives. If you have time to hang out, you are super tired and you want to do nothing except sleep. Either that or you have no time to hang out. There is no in-between. You're either free and sleeping or doing your own thing.This is something I have struggled with since starting college. It is hard realizing that people do not always have time for you and even when they want to, it is just not always possible.

Regardless, fighting for this friendship is definitely worth it. It is worth the nights lacking sleep because I worry too much and the days where I am afraid to text her because I am scared of not getting a reply. If it wasn't worth it, why would I be her friend in the first place? There would be no reason to continue the friendship. There would be no purpose — no value. I see the purpose — the value — in our friendship. Therefore I will always fight.

It may take time. it takes time to realize that there is any distance in the first place. It is important to talk about your feelings and tell your best friend you feel like there is distance. Odds are, they feel the same way. Someone has to speak up. Someone has to save the friendship. You'll be happier in the end because you both know what you need from each other and you can both work to fix the problems.

I will always fight for the friendships that mean something to me. I never see it as a waste of my time and I will never give up simply because life or college got in the way. That is no reason to lose a friend. My best friend is worth my tears, my worry, and my time.