The Challenges Of Leading A Club On Campus
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Politics and Activism

The Challenges Of Leading A Club On Campus

It ain't as easy as it seems.

The Challenges Of Leading A Club On Campus

As an active student at Rider University, I understand that being involved in clubs and organizations provides students with real life experiences and leaves room for growth. I am fortunate to be an executive board officer for multiple clubs and organizations ranging from Hillel, the Jewish student group on campus, REACH, which stands for Real Education about College Health, Rider Service Leaders, which focuses on community service, and Psychology Club, which promotes psychology in a comfortable environment. While being an officer is hard work, it is also rewarding. However, feelings of satisfaction are impossible to achieve without undergoing stress and hardships. Nonetheless, as a leader, I have been able to overcome these struggles.

I have served as various positions in Hillel, and as a result, I have been fascinated to view the organization differently through multiple lenses. Most recently, I was the Public Relations/Event Chair. I have learned that I am still able to benefit the organization in spite of my role being solely designed for online communication. Despite lacking in-person interaction with individuals, I conducted my duties well in an internet and social media platform. I had the opportunity to socialize with members at the events that I helped to design and advertise. I learned that regardless of how well I publicize events, I cannot control the outcome of the event. Rather, I can only hope for the best. While attendance at events is important, the quality of the event is far more relevant. I would rather help to plan a successful event where only several students enjoy themselves than to hold a chaotic function with many students.

However, attendance did appear to be problematic for Hillel. We implemented diverse events that applied to multiculturalism, religion, socialization, and more. We attempted to embrace the club’s mission while providing a productive outlet for students. Unfortunately, mostly executive board members showed up to events. I realized that we did all that we could do and that we must continue to host worthwhile events. Hillel is a minority group, and while we accept students of all faiths, primarily Jewish students attend Hillel events. In order to help our numbers, we teamed up with other ethnic groups on campus. Collaborative events increased our audience and helped spread awareness to the Rider University community about our group.

I have learned so much as an officer, and I feel grateful for the opportunities that I have! I will apply what I learned to my personal life by understanding that all I can do is work hard. If the result is not necessarily what I had anticipated, I must continue to brainstorm different ways to ensure that I produce outcomes that satisfy my needs. Furthermore, as a student I have learned that I am able to impact others and act as a role model through my actions both in the classroom and as a leader on campus. As a prospective future licensed social worker, I understand that I may need to find different ways to assist my clients until we unanimously come to a mutual consensus. The ups and downs of Hillel have proved to me that my effort and open-mindedness are mechanisms that can be utilized for improvement!

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