You're getting ready for the big day of the photo shoot. This is a fantastic step to take since having a fabulous headshot is important for connecting with others, getting your brand out there, and putting a face with your product or service. Sure, you may be a little nervous. That's normal. You may not know what to expect or what is expected of you. You can expect to have a lot of fun during your photo shoot with the right photographer, but there are some things you'll want to keep in mind. You want to make a good impression and conduct yourself in a professional manner. As a professional international portrait and fashion photographer who runs Lilly K Photography based in Los Angeles, California, I believe there are five things you should never do during a photo shoot.

Isa Battaglin's advice on what to avoid to ensure a successful photo shoot:

1. Give advice on how to do the job

If there's one thing that can put a hamper on the atmosphere during a photo shoot, it's trying to tell the photographer how to do his or her job. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't give ideas for how you'd like the overall shot to look. Actually, your photographer will probably ask you what type of look you're going for. But the line is drawn if you begin to give advice about how to do the lighting, which lens to use, or how to operate the camera. Some photographers may take it patiently, but just remember this is what they get paid for. They've learned the business and know just what to do. So, let them do their job and relax.

2. Take off your shoes

When getting a professional headshot, the photographer will be focusing on your face but that doesn't mean you can forget about the rest of you. Kicking off your shoes may seem like a harmless idea, but it's a bit on the tacky side. Unless your photo shoot specifically involves the feet, leave on the shoes. Everyone will feel more comfortable. Save the bare feet for the beach.

3. Eat food

You won't want to partake in eating during your photo shoot. One reason is that it's rude to eat in front of others. In addition, the photographer has to wait for you to finish and you may get crumbs on your face or clothes. Even if it's in between shots or you're waiting for the photographer to set up the background, don't attempt to get a quick snack or few bites of that donut you never finished earlier. Save the food for later.

4. Chew gum

You won't want to chew gum either because your picture won't be as good as it could be without it. You'd be surprised how photos often capture the glob of gum in someone's mouth. People may think they can hide it on the inside of their cheek, but often times they forget and when they smile you can see a bit of it. That ruins the entire picture. Further, the chomping sound of gum may be irritating for some photographers.

5. Fix your appearance

You want to be prepared for the photo shoot by the time the photographer arrives. That means your hair should be combed, you have the proper attire on, and your face is the way you want it to be. No time to pull out the brush and begin fluffing the hair, no applying lip balm, and please don't pluck those few stray eyebrows. Have your appearance 100% ready to go when the photographer arrives. This includes your clothing too. Don't add or take off any clothing items.

When it's done, you'll be glad about the results. Make the session fun and relaxing for everyone by remembering these simple etiquette tips.

About Isa Battaglin and Lilly K Photography: Whether she is capturing the faces of children or adults, Mrs. Isa Battaglin uses her camera to echo their spirit for others to see. She is a master of taking headshots in natural light and her artistry in editing beam through her photographs in her clients' eyes. While her home base is at Lilly K Photography in Los Angeles, Isabelle travels the world taking headshots and fashion photography.