Writing is a form of art that is too often under appreciated in our current society. Currently, I am a Film & Television major at the University of Arizona. Because of this major, I am often told my major falls under the category of Fine Arts across a majority of college campuses. While I have a deep love for the arts including film, theatre, music and illustrative art as a whole, I think that my other major, English, should also be considered a form of art.

I have loved writing since a very young age and felt that I was somehow brought onto this earth to write and share my thoughts and feelings with as many people as I can. I combined my love for writing and filmmaking and decided that I wanted to be a screenwriter for television shows in order to relay my characters back into the world to share apart of myself. I feel that writing in general is overlooked and seen as something merely unnecessary to the development of society. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that writing is just a hobby and not a way of life, I'd certainly have enough money to pay my tuition.

Writing not only is an important part of my life, but somedays writing is what gets me through the early mornings and the late sleepless nights. When I write, my imagination turns and I feel the gears shifting in my head and I can see my brain relaying its' thoughts to my fingertips. The writing process has always been something I've been astonished by. I have always thought that the mere thought of taking a thought and being able to express that on paper or a computer is truly amazing. Human beings are so astonishing and the smartest creatures in the world and I think the most brilliant process that we've created as a cohesive unit is the beauty of writing.

With that said, I don't write merely for academic purposes. I write for my friends. I write for my mom. I write for my dad. I write for my grandma and grandpa. I write for my three dogs, Lady, Bailey & Rocky. I write for the boy that sits across from me in my Chemistry class. Most importantly, I write for me. Whenever I feel my feelings begin to overtake my mental process, I take out my laptop or a good old fashioned paper and pencil and write what I feel. If I'm anything from battling my mental health struggles, to crushing on a new boy, to missing the people in my life that have passed on, I just have to write it down. Seeing it in front of me makes me feel better knowing I got it out of my system and sharing it with people makes me feel like I can help others so that they can feel less alone.

Writing is a form of art that needs to be more thoroughly recognized in the art world. I see the creativeness within myself and my classmates and peers and to think that sometimes society pushes us aside for bigger and better things is NOT FAIR. Of course we need doctors, lawyers and scientists but without the words written on the textbooks they studied from, they wouldn't be those successful professions. Without writing, without words, without vocabulary, we have no way to communicate with each other or express our feelings. Writing is the backbone of human interaction and deserves to be appreciated by the basic human being!