Is the Summer Job Disappearing?

Is the Summer Job Disappearing?

Here's why it's okay to be working during the summertime.

College students are wrapping up the school year and high school students will be finishing soon.

This summer, if news reports are correct, most of them won’t be getting summer jobs.

Instead they'll be tanning on the beach, spending lazy days with friends, going on family vacations, and enjoying all the free time they missed during the school year.

Yes, spending the summer stuck inside, behind a cash register isn't ideal considering the warm, sunny weather outside.

However, the idea of a completely carefree summer isn't a reality for most of us.

We are responsible for various expenses from college textbooks to tuition.

We save whatever leftover earnings we have to make our dreams of travelling abroad come true.

We use every experience as a guide towards our future goals of earning a career in a field we're passionate about.

All which is why we can have fun or that the summer won't be any less fulfilling than all of our friends who are posting photos of their vacations on Instagram.

Yes, the FOMO (fear of missing out) is real.

But it is avoidable with a break from social media for a few hours or even a whole day.

A photo posted on Facebook or Instagram never tells the whole story.

There are many reasons why a summer spent working isn't so bad.

First off, there's a lot to be said for us taking responsibility for our finances and future.

We are grateful that we’ve found a way to earn money.

Becoming self-reliant through work is a life skill that will help us succeed in all other facets of life.

And if we don’t realize it immediately, it may help us to gain more trust in our own skills.

We know it’s important to enjoy a bit of down-time during the summer but we can work hard and still play hard with a part-time job (even a full-time job).

We just find ways to do the things we’ve been wanting to do.

That is why when it comes down to it summer is what we make of it.

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