On September 6th, 2018, Rider University had a real-life hypnotist come. Honestly, I'm not a huge believer in these types of things. I've been to similar shows in the past, but I still wanted to go. I went with one of my best friends, and we sat together towards the middle of the theater and got settled for the two-hour show.

The hypnotist's name is Sailesh, and he was called the "best hypnotist on the planet," by MTV Europe. Additionally, he has been featured on TV and in documentaries, and consistently showcase at the prestigious National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and the Association for Campus Activities (APCA) conferences. Sailesh has several nominations for America's Best Campus Live Novelty Act and America's Best Campus Entertainer of the Year. So this guy is the "bee's knees," basically.

Well, I don't believe it. Naturally, I went to prove my point. Here's my summary.

It was a lot of fun. I went with my roommate, who seemed more open to the experience than me, but we both really enjoyed it. Sailesh hypnotized a lot of people, not me, however. As much as I tried to focus on his words and his hand movements, I just couldn't do it. I think that was a good thing because the stuff he made some of the students who were successful to hypnosis would have embarrassed me for the rest of my college career.

Sailesh brought the students of Rider on a journey. We saw someone pretend he was a "hot girl," and witnessed multiple people slap their own faces anytime they had a dirty thought that involved this "hot girl" coming to mind. There was more, but I'd rather not talk about it on this platform.

In the end, if you are like me and were a skeptic, you at least enjoyed a good show. To this day, I will still remember some of my favorite highlights; from a girl calling out her boyfriend, to watching two guys slap each other's butts, there is not a dull memory I can think of.

I would totally recommend Sailesh to anyone and I hope he comes back again, so maybe I can be hypnotized then.