Is Regret Necessary

I strongly believe in doing what makes you happy despite what others have to say about it. I mean we are all here on this unknown journey whether we want to be or not. Everyone lives out their own story in such a diverse way but the one thing we have in common is that we are all born and we all die. We are different in every other way, like how we take showers, the color of our toothbrushes, and our feelings about God.

We are all captured into our own individual lives with no warning and honestly when you take a step back and look at what we're doing, I mean really look, all you see is reaching and searching and then it stops all at once and goes black. From the moment we take our first breath all the way to our last, we're flying through our lives. Not gracefully or romantically, just sort of floating and stumbling and once we hit the ground it's over.

And I just feel like screw it, if I'm flying I might as well do some flips and enjoy it. I want to fall without fear of how hard I might hit the ground and appreciate the view on the way down. I want to eat brownies at 2 am and call it a midnight snack. I want to experience everything I can and be grateful even when I get lost. I don't want to look back at something I once loved and call it a mistake. I'm going to hit the ground one day, you will too, so we might as well do what we want on our flight.

Worry less about how you affect the people around you when it's all said and done, I'm talking about you. Do all that you want and all that you can in the little or infinite time that you are given. Be present in your memories. Consider yourself before anyone else but not in a morbid way, just a little selfishly. I mean truthfully, there is no point to waste your time on anyone or anything else but yourself.

Heaven is heaven and hell is whatever you fear but you exist right now and that is both remarkable and insignificant. Your life is yours, what people thought about you and the way you lived doesn't matter when you're not there to hear it. So, I ask, is regret necessary?

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