I am definitely not a morning person and would not survive at a job that required me to get up before nine. So, having a job where I don't have to be in until much later in the day is pretty great. I love having the day to myself and when I'm not at work, I'm usually up pretty late anyway. But, working a late night job at a restaurant is hard work and by the end of each night, I want nothing more than to go home and to regain feeling in my legs. If you work a late job too, you can relate to these 14 struggles.

1. You get home from work and can barely keep your eyes open.

2. But at the same time your brain is wired so you can't fall asleep.

3. You've been standing for so long you can't feel your legs and just walking to your bed is a struggle.

4. You wonder how you're going to stand again at work tomorrow.

5. You get home and you're absolutely starving.

6. But at the same time you're so tired you wonder if making food is even worth it.

7. You really need to shower but you also really can't feel your legs.

8. Your parents try and talk to you about how your night was, but you just don't have it in you to hold a conversation.

9. As you're laying in bed, you count the hours until you have to be back at work and realize it's way too small of a number.

10. Your friends try to complain to you about their cozy day job.

11. You sit down on the couch for what feels like a few minutes only to look up and realize you've been sitting and staring at your phone for an hour.

12. You fall asleep and have dreams of being at work. It's like you can't escape.

13. You think of all the horrible people you've had to deal with all night long.

14. You're driving home from work and you're starving, have to pee and are super aggravated by everything so you of course get stuck behind every slow driver.