Is It Just Me Or Are Festivals Pricey?
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Is It Just Me Or Are Festivals Pricey?

Let's talk about how they can be more affordable.

Is It Just Me Or Are Festivals Pricey?
EDM Chicago

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you know the sensation of extreme euphoria while being surrounded by happy people and bass driven music. If you haven’t been, then you should start! And this is the perfect article for you, so it’s a win-win if you keep reading… *wink*

If you have in fact been to one before, you would also know how much it deeply hurts your bank account. It’s hard enough to pay bills and buy food, let alone save money up for a festival! Some of the larger events can cost you wicked amounts of money.

It’s not even just the price of entry to festival that wrecks our wallets. It’s the travel, lodging, and in-festival purchases that add on to the tower of costs.

There are, however, options for those of us who are financially challenged that allow us to attend these life-changing festivals.

First of all, some festivals have a camping option. REALLY? You might ask. Yes, really. There are certain festivals that include a campground site in the price. This alleviates the worry of spending 100+ dollars a night on a hotel and the Uber/taxi cost to get to and from the venue. Second of all, there are payment plans for some festivals. YES actual payment plans. How courteous of them!

Now after knowing this valuable information, I’m going to give my first-timers out there a list of festivals that are more affordable and offer these glorious life-saving options:

5. Okeechobee Music Festival:

This Festival is 3 days long and takes place in the month of March. The location, as you can see from the name, is Okeechobee, Florida. Now, the price is a little high – approximately $280 + fees. BUT this also includes the beloved camping option. So, in reality, attending this festival is saving you 3-4 nights of hotel cost. How great does that sound people?

And it doesn’t stop there! Okeechobee also offers a payment plan in order to accommodate those who can’t afford to pay the full price of the festival all at once. This makes the blow of travel and in-festival purchases a lot less painful.

Not only is this festival more affordable…it’s also gorgeous, inspiring, and filled with fantastic music. And aren’t we all in it for the music?

4. Euphoria Music Festival:

Now, this festival is also 3 days. Woo! It takes place in the month of April and is housed in the city of Austin, Texas. The three day General Admission tickets are approximately $129 + fees, which is AMAZING am I right?

But that’s not including the cost of travel and lodging…hold on…there’s a camping option for this one too?? Yes, and it costs about $229 + fees. This includes the price of admission as well as lodging on the camping ground. Again, you’d be saving 3-4 days worth of hotel expenses, which can get pretty pricy when it’s in a main city near a large event, such as a festival.

Euphoria is also so nice as to offer payment plans to ensure you are able to attend this beautiful experience of music and art! How thoughtful <3

3. Electric Forest Music Festival:

Electric Forest is a four day event in Rothbury, Michigan that takes place in June. This festival is so amazing; they offer it for two weekends. TWO WEEKENDS. Obviously, most people will choose to only go to one…. but you know there are those people that go to both…

Anyway, this is also among the affordable festivals, considering it’s about $229 +fees for a four day weekend of magic. And it is also among the festivals that offer camping, and the price of $229 includes the camping option!! (So much excitement, so little person.)

I feel like I’m getting repetitive here… but there are also payment plans offered for Electric Forest!

For this event, it’s more of a “layaway” option. You can purchase your tickets and pay certain percentages over a certain period of time…. yes it’s basically another payment plan, but hey at least they gave it a different name right?

I can’t forget to mention that they offer a loyalty program! So if you have attended this festival before, make sure you utilize this financial advantage!

2. Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando:

This carnival of daisies goes down over the course of two days in the month of November, obviously in Orlando! Yes, there is EDC Vegas that is three days… but depending on where you live, Orlando just might be more affordable for you. Now, the cost for the two-day event is about $169 +fees depending on when you buy your ticket.

However, two day tickets aren’t your only option! If you really wanted, you could only get a one-day pass for approximately $99 +fees. So say the DJs you really want to see are on Day 1 and Day two just doesn’t look that appealing to you…you have options my friend. And I mean look at that number, it’s only two digits and it doesn’t make me want to cry. Just beautiful.

Hey, guess what? There’s ALSO a payment plan available for EDC Orlando! There’s a pattern here isn’t there?

It’s almost like they want you to be able to come to every festival you possibly can… spreading the love of music one festival at a time!

1. Sunset Music Festival:

Last, but certainly not least, here is Sunset Music Festival! Another event that takes place in the Sunshine state! I may be a little biased, but Florida is pretty dope.

Sunset is a two day festival that takes place in Tampa, Florida in the month of May. What a gloriously hot month to have a festival. The approximate cost of this bad boy is $159 +fees, again depending on when you purchase it; time of purchase is crucial when it comes to festivals.

There is no camping option for this festival as there isn’t for EDC Orlando…. but the price is substantially lower. If you can find a cheaper hotel and bunk with a large group of your friends, you’ll be set in terms of lodging expenses!

And… I think you’ve guessed what I’m going to say…THERE ARE PAYMENT PLANS!

This way, you can go and enjoy this gorgeous festival that will bring you the talents of inspiring DJs and artists!

No one should have to miss an opportunity to enjoy some quality music. Especially not an opportunity to be around happy people who will stand there and dance with you regardless of the fact of never meeting you before that moment. Festivals are magical, people. Now go out and start planning!

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