Trump's Effect
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Trump's Effect

Is it him or people surrounding him?

Trump's Effect

What made you vote two years ago? Was it the fact that both parties have been corrupt for too long that you wanted to see actual change in America? Was it the fact that some peoples wages were going down while the top 1 % was getting so many increases? Maybe one of the reasons you really wanted to vote was because you just really loved what that candidate stood for? The election for president in 2016 was anything but normal. You had three candidates that really mattered to Americans. First off you had the conventional politician, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Clinton is someone America has known for now 25 years. Hillary was our first lady with Bill Clinton. Hillary ran for office in 2008 and she lost to our president , Barack Obama. Obama had a slogan that said "Change". Change did come in certain factions, but did the change have enough force or effectiveness behind it that Hillary could get elected?

The other exciting person was that guy named Bernie . People called Bernie a Socialist, heck, he even called himself a democratic socialist. The problem people have with socialism is that it is viewed of taking resources that the very rich have and giving it to the lower middle class or the low class. Keep in mind we are not taking everything away from the rich, we are taking enough that would help the poor in the right direction and that being said , the rich have a lot to give. If you took 90% of what Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have and disperse it with two other people, Warren and Bill would still be very well off. Bernie was the only candidate who did not take any money from big donors or have huge amounts of cash to throw at an election. Bernie Sanders was a candidate for the people and by the people.

Last but not least, the person who won the election. Donald Trump.

Have you ever seen the show the celebrity apprentice? It was a good show, it was similar to shark tank where people had to come up with ideas and then run it across Donald Trump to see if he would sign off on this product and if he didn't , they would have been fired. Before being known for building "The Wall", Donald Trump was known for saying , "You're Fired". Donald Trump has been everything but the candidate who you would run to be your president for your company or your country. When Donald ran for office, he said things that was not politically correct or even morally correct. I am not talking about the tapes where it says, " Grab her by the....." . If someone who treats women the way he does can win an election, then i guess we are willing to try and put anyone in the white house now. Bill Clinton did do things in the oval office with other women, but at least that was attempted to be kept private, Trump has done and said things just as bad and he calls it "Locker Room Talk".

When i was a kid i looked up to George W Bush, not because i liked his policy, but because i liked his manners of how he conducted himself and this country. Donald Trump has turned everything that i looked for into a president and said, "I am going to make you feel useless."

Hillary seems Sketchy but we can't really put a finger on whats her worst aspect

With Trump it is what aspect is not as bad as every other one?

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