In this day in age, religion, specifically, Christianity has become something it isn't. As a Christian I have seen how the world perceives us and it is quite sad. We aren't all judgmental, cold hearted or all of those other stereotypes. America is built on the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I thought what better way than to share why I believe in the God I do. I came from a Christian household, but it wasn't until recently that I learned what God truly is. I learned about the love, through none other than an amazing campus ministry.

Since then my life has truly been different. I learned a different kind of love. Through the interactions with all of these people, I learned that God is real. The bible isn't this harsh, to do list which the world says that it is. I have grown to see it as the greatest love story. To me, it isn't fake. To other's it seems unreal. However, when you believe that there is something bigger than you out there in this world, I don't know about you but I wanted to know that. So sought after it as the stubborn person I am.

I learned that I wasn't this true "Christian". I am not in any way trying to force you to think my way. But I am rather challenging. Some churches make Christianity or rather Christians look like they are so strict, never have fun, judgmental or even shunning those that are different. However, the bible says no such thing. It is all about love. Yes, there are things that it says we shouldn't do, but there is a purpose to it. When you think about it further in the world sense, it does make sense. Do you ever wonder why you feel so connected with someone after being physically intimate? It is because in a wise old tale I was once told, "When two become intimate, they become one". In the bible, it talks about that being true. That is why you are meant to be with one person, not multiple. Again, I am in no way forcing you to think my way, I am just simply sharing and challenging you.

The way I live my life is by this bible verse. I am sharing it because I think it is important, on more levels than spirituality. "You say, I am allowed to do anything but- not everything is good for you. You say, I am allowed to do anything- but not everything is beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23 NIV). When you take a look at this verse, it is more than just a bible verse, it can really be applied in life. You can live however but is it really beneficial? For instance, you can go out getting plastered and still show up for a job interview, but is that really beneficial to you landing that job. Is it beneficial to give your all in a relationship that is toxic? (aside from domestic violence)- I am talking about that make-up break-up relationship. I tell you these things not to put you down but to show you that the Bible may surprise you in how closely it can be true to what you may personally be battling.

I see the bible as a love story between a father and his child. So I challenge you, would you tell your child or future children "You can do anything you want, but make sure it is beneficial to how you live your life because I want the best for you". Or Maybe you are at the crossroad in life, Is this lifestyle really beneficial to where I want my life to go.

I hope that you don't see Christianity as this horrible religion. I hope that my words shared something you may not have knew before.

Peace and Love,