Is Baking Worth It?
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Is Baking Worth It?

The pros and cons of baking

Is  Baking Worth It?

We all love food, especially desserts. The aromas, the smiles and let's not forget that big mess. Ah yes, how could we forget about that?! When I was in high school, I became known as the baking girl! Once people found out I liked to bake people would ask me all the time if I could bring them in cookies. I don't know if j could even tell you the number of times I brought cookies in for the other kids, even the teacher sometimes. I always brought them in, in my big round cookie container and to this day when people see that container they know there is something yummy inside. Baking not for so long I have seen the good and the bad of baking, these are some the pros and cons of baking.

Con: Time.

One thing I don’t understand with baking, why is it that it takes you hours to make these baked goods and then it takes seconds to eat them? This happens to work with cooking too, it seems you put all this prep into it and within minutes all the food is gone.

Con: Fails.

Baking fails -- we have all had them. "Pinterest made it look so easy." Don't let these fails discourage you. Even the best bakers have these "failed" days. But as long as they aren't completely ruined you can usually find somebody to eat it up!

Con: Eating.

All the time that it takes to cook, you can really work up an appetite. In this time, we eat our cookie dough, or the hot, deliciously fresh, ooey-gooey cookies! In fact, you eat so much during the prep time that once it’s time to enjoy it with everyone else, you are too stuffed to eat anymore.

Con: Cleaning.

Con number one! The absolute worst part of baking is the cleaning up afterwards. After baking, you are tired. Sometimes it takes hours to finish. Once you are done, the last thing you want to do is clean it all up. And that's the first thing your mom asks you to do once your done.

Con: Being a good baker.

One of the worst parts of baking is that if you are good enough, people tend to want you to bake for them more often.

Pro: Eating.

Your girl loves to eat. By far the very best part of baking is getting to eat the finished product. Getting to eat those yummy treats make it all worth it in the end. Also there is something magical that happens during baking. You get in a groove per say. It brings such a joy, and one of the best things is to give the food you make to others and see that you have put a smile on their faces. That is the best feeling ever. It makes all those cons totally and completely worth it.

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