I'm not one to invest in conspiracy theories, but this one is honestly messing me up. I love Avril Lavigne, and she was the soundtrack to a lot of my younger years, but was it really her?

If you are not familiar with the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory, things are about to get pretty crazy. I will not stand with or against the theory, but I must admit that the evidence is pretty convincing...

First of all, if Avril really is dead, who has been performing in her place all of these years? Well, the theory states that Avril killed herself in the early 2000's not long after her grandfather's death, and her management team covered up her death by replacing her with her look-alike, Melissa Vandella. Melissa was actually hired by Avril to pose for the paparazzi and do other celebrity things that Avril was not interested in. This part is completely true, and it's even scarier that there is no trace of Melissa Vandella on social media or the internet since after Avril supposedly died. Here is a picture of Avril (left) and Melissa (right) together.

I know that a lot of people say that Avril just had a makeover and changed her style, but the new Avril looks a lot more like the Melissa in this picture.

A lot of different details have inspired this conspiracy theory into what it is today.

- Avril got shorter. Melissa (probably wearing heels in the picture above), is around an inch or two shorter than Avril, and Avril "became" Melissa's height after her supposed death.

- Avril's style, hair, and facial features noticeably changed.

- Avril's first album after her supposed death was titled "Under My Skin", and many of her lyrics hint at the death.

- Avril's handwriting before and after the supposed death changed significantly.

- If you listen to Avril before and after the supposed death, her singing voice sounds different.

- In a photoshoot after the supposed death, Avril holds her hand out with "Melissa" written in sharpie.

- I don't know a lot about this, but apparently Avril got a tattoo after the supposed death that Melissa Vandella had...

- Band member Evan Taubenfeld left the band not long after the supposed death, but first wrote a duet with Avril with lyrics about how he never thought he would lose his best friend.

- Avril's music and personality have not been the same...

Is Avril dead? Obviously, I have invested way too much thought into this, but the evidence is just too much to handle. I don't think I even covered it all, and I just honestly hope that it isn't true. Either way, Avril will always be apart of my soundtrack.