A friend of mine brought up something that I haven't really thought about lately and that is the advancements of phone technologies. In fact, I didn't found out about the release of Android Nougat (Android 7.0) until like three weeks after release! I also didn't know that Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 until news outlets reported that they are being recalled for exploding batteries. So I think I need to catch up on mobile device updates.

First in recent news, Apple has confirmed the iPhone 7 and some features, most notable is the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The good news is that Apple will release an adapter that plugs into the charging port. The major downside to that is that you can't listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Apple's solution to that (other than the plentiful amount of Bluetooth headphones) is the reveal of Air pods. However, with a hefty price of $160, I don't expect too many people purchasing a pair of those. Also, Apple has recently released iOS 10 to their smart devices.

In earlier news, Google has updated to Android operating system to Android 7.0. The delicious sweet they are putting the spotlight on this time is the Nougat. Probably the best of the new features Nougat offers is the ability to open multiple apps in one window simultaneously, which was previously either exclusive to tablets or had limited use on a number of phones. Now all devices running Nougat can use this time-saving feature.

Lastly on my update list is the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung quietly released the Galaxy Note 7 last month but it is short lived as Samsung had to recall them due to reports if exploding batteries. Disregarding the unfortunate recall, Samsung released the Note the features the popular edge screen. My question is why did they not call it the Galaxy Note Edge 2? I guess they think the edge version of the Note 5 as the Galaxy Note 6. I really don't know. Anyways, I hope this situation doesn't completely ruin the Galaxy Note.

Now that we are updated with the major recent phone advancements, its time to answer the question at hand. Has phone technology advancements slowed down recently? In relation to the phone blow up between 2013-2015, the answer would be a total yes. That is because many companies tried many new ideas that were never thought of before. Samsung tried out the edge screen display which is now a favored feature with their galaxy phones, LG placed the power and volume buttons on the back rather than the side of their phones for a more natural feel, and Apple started making their phones thinner and thinner and thinner.

Another reason why phone advancement is slowing is because developers are more focused on virtual reality technologies. I went to a college and career fair a few weeks ago and I talked to a representative for Intuitive Research and Technologies Inc., and he said VR is a very big thing right now obviously and companies are racing and competing against each other to come out with the next big thing. He said do not be surprised when Samsung or HTC releases a fully working phone in virtual reality. Soon after that, don't be surprised if Microsoft releases a fully working PC in virtual reality.

Looking into the future, it seems we will be living in fully immersed virtual reality. It wasn't too long ago that the we all thought this was impossible, but the future is now thanks to science!