Verbatim, the definition of religious freedom is: "the right to practice whatever religion one chooses." America has always claimed to be pretty gung-ho on this idea of religious freedom, but every year it just becomes clearer and clearer how untrue that is.

First off, the Americans who are calling for "religious freedom" are usually referring to one religion: Christianity. And it's usually centered around their right to be homophobic. When the headlines break, it's about a homophobic shop owners refusing business to gay couples. What they're talking about isn't religious freedom, but a right to practice homophobic agenda. 47% of Christians say they should have the right to deny customers in same-sex relationships.

People who argue for religious freedom are often times arguing for an excuse to hate. Christians with homophobic agendas, or Christians at all, are not prevented from practicing their faith. There are thousands of Christian churches in the United States, varying in denomination. They are not attacked for their faith, or denied equal rights. Christians do not face discrimination in every day life.

Not like, say, Muslims.

There is an obviously anti-Islamic sentiment in America. It ranges from every day discrimination to a potential Muslim registry. America has tried to have these registries before. During World War II, there was a registry for Japanese citizens, who were forced to live in internment camps. Those people were innocent, United States citizens, who were treated worse than German prisoners of war. It accomplished nothing except a bitterness and resentment to the United States government.

History repeats itself. If we do have a Muslim registry, it will evolve into an even more Islamophobic nation. Even our President-Elect, good 'ole Donald Trump, has an anti-Islamic rhetoric that is similar to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.

If anyone claims to support religious freedom, they should denounce this type of bigotry and hate, yet, the majority of people who support the idea of religious freedom to enforce homophobia, support our President-Elect, the far right, and Islamophobia.

It is proof, once more, that people will only support something if it benefits them.