My first year at Iowa State University has been a whirlwind of experiences. It all began with moving 187 miles away from home to a place I would call my new home, Ames, Iowa. Heading off to college was a new adventure I was willing to take head-on. I was eager to take the next step and experience a whole new world other than what I was used to when growing up. However, I was sort of anxious as to what could lie ahead. For once I could do things on my own terms and have independence as to who I truly would like to become. With that said, my new found freedom included being responsible, putting on my big girl pants at times and sucking it up when things got challenging. I cannot even say I regret choosing Iowa State University, instead, it was the best first decision I could make to start my new adventure filled with many more decisions.

I knew it was vital to experience my major of journalism hands on. I took the reins immediately by joining the school newspaper, Iowa State Daily. Right off the bat, I had mixed emotions. Starting this new journey meant the beginning of my journalism career. How exciting is that, I can finally dig deep into being a reporter and putting my creative juices to work. Yet, I was sort of afraid to step outside of my box and try new things. Thankfully for my friends and family who encouraged and cheered me on along the way pushed me to be the best I can be. Joining the lifestyle desk at Iowa State Daily was the second-best decision I made as a freshman.

Trend Magazine always seemed to intrigue me by their amazing, unique work. So, I thought to myself why not switch things up and join in on this. I began this new experience as a content creator for the online fashion edition. I loved and cherished every moment of sharing my work to seeing it on display. Being surrounded by the presence of others who carried themselves with poise and confidence was very intimidating. But it inspired me to take on the world head-on with my own twist. The next greatest decision I made this year was belonging to a one-of-a-kind editorial group.

To finish off the school year, I had to close it off with another big decision, which was joining the Odyssey. This platform was another opportunity to continue to do what I love and to empower others to do the same. I am tickled pink to share my experiences and stories with the rest of the world. The anticipation as to what could come this summer with the Odyssey is a quite exceptional feeling. Hold on tight for the all-time lows and the highest points throughout my journey of new experiences.