1. What do I wear?

It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed in my opinion. Every internship is different, therefore it is hard to figure out what is acceptable at this location. During the interviews, you should have tried to pay attention to what your interviewers were wearing in order to get an idea of what to wear on the first day if you are offered the position. No matter what you wear, wear it with confidence.

2. How early do I show up?

As they say, "Early is on time... on time is late." Make sure to wake up early in order to give yourself enough time even if it's too much time. Showing up fifteen to ten minutes early is typically the average time to show up. Always make a call or send an email if you will be late but try to stay aways from being late as much as possible.

3. Do not know exactly what is expected of you?

This is an internship, they know that you are there to learn. Knowing the basics can get you a long way because it shows that you are able to learn. They will be teaching you, they do not expect you to come on your first day and know what you are doing. Therefore, do not stress!

4. Making sure to get along with everyone you interact with

Kill them with kindness. We all know that not everyone in the world is nice and friendly. Do your best to get a long with everyone even if it is not easy. Not everyone gets long with one another, especially in the workplace but all you can do is do your best.

Good luck to everyone who is receiving an internship, just know that everyone goes through this. Also, good luck to everyone out there applying and going on interviews. We know it is not easy but do your best and you will succeed.