Internet Trolls fuel the celebrity lies.
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Internet Trolls Are Taking Over

And fueling the people who don't think they did anything wrong.

Internet Trolls Are Taking Over
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"What's done in the dark will eventually come to the light."

Since a kid, my mother has instilled this in my head. Letting me know that lying wasn't worth it. I quickly realized it to be true, for every lie you told, you had to cover it with 17 more. Causing you to forget the truth and confuse yourself. That alone made me tell the truth more times than people wanted me to (that's a different story).

Look now at all the lies that are being exposed. Rich people paying off schools (which was anybody really surprised?), the sexual misconduct that has been behind the entertainment and church and the Roberts. The messed-up thing is, all of them act like they didn't do anything wrong, or they didn't know it was wrong. No one is taking responsibility for their actions, and people are encouraging it.

I have seen posts where people blame the MeToo movement for people coming forth, saying that these women knew what was going to happen, blaming it on their outfits or aspirations. THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The problem is people in power taking advantage and having no respect for women. Of course, there are women who have done the same; the men are just not speaking out, at least not yet.

Anger is taking over, and people are saying things that are harsh, calling people out their names, and threatening people's families and lives over being honest. The internet is a good thing, but not everyone is using it for good purposes. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face, you probably shouldn't be saying it over the internet. What you say today will be there in 20 years, just ask Kevin Hart.

I think the best thing about the technology age is that the truth will come out and you can't just move to get away from it, but that can also be a curse. Hopefully, once all the rotten eggs are sorted out, rape culture will fade away and women can finally be treated as equals.

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