How Much Of An Impact Do Internet Trolls Really Have On Our Daily Lives?
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How Much Of An Impact Do Internet Trolls Really Have On Our Daily Lives?

How Safe Can Social Media Be?

How Much Of An Impact Do Internet Trolls Really Have On Our Daily Lives?

We live in a world in which the visual aspect of things has become very imperative to the social relations we establish. As a young girl, I have noticed a pattern in the way we as females perceive ourselves basing our perceptions on the visual preferences of the popular opinion of our society. To be more concrete we have given society the right and space to openly critique and point out our flaws. With the creation of social media, we as humans have lost many moral values that are important to peacefully coexist with own another. We have become more and more addicted to the attention and approval of the people who see us on the internet, and we have slowly forgotten to values ourselves. It’s no secret that the social media has become a very influential part of our lives as it allows to communicate with people from different ethnic backgrounds, different professional interest and in some cases similar interest as we do. Although this social media has in most cases a positive impact in our ability to communicate and exchange cultural traditions, it has also opened the door for people to hide behind a computer a crudely criticize you.

As a young girl who enjoys using the social media outlets to promote my career ambitions and my interests I have also been victims of the many trolls that navigate the internet system. Instagram is a clear example of how much power does the opinion of outside sources have in the way we think of ourselves. Instagram is a platform in which we are able to share pictures of ourselves, places or activities we do on a daily basis. These pictures are in most cases shared with the followers your page may have, sometimes the comments you may get may boost your confidence, but others are just written with the intention to hurt and create an insecurity. I have seen cases in which trolls have commente4d on the physical appearance of a young girls who was sporting a bathing suit as she enjoyed a beautiful beach day. This troll commented on the stretch marks this young girl had on her bottom. Although the young girl did not respond back she did proceed to delete her account. Personally, I found that to be unfortunate as it was a reflection of the society we live. I honestly don’t understand how can a person find joy and satisfaction in hurting someone’s feelings, and secondly, I don’t understand how no one has the courage to stand up to this trolls. In this case the argument used to hurt and damage this girl’s confidence was completely redundant. To begin with every single girl out there has stretch marks as it a completely aspect of the4 growth of our body and no one should use that against us. As a community, we need to begin to educate our youth and help them understand that our flaws can be beautiful as long as we embrace them.

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