International Women's Friendship Month and What It Means
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International Women's Friendship Month and What It Means

Happy International Women's Friendship Month; how are you celebrating?

International Women's Friendship Month and What It Means
Confidence Coalition

Everyone has to deal with their confidence levels. Whether you have a lot of confidence, or just a little, it is something that we have to address throughout our lives. It may be a constant fight for some of you. There are a lot of things in our day-to-day lives that knock our confidence down and make us feel that we are not good enough.

Kappa Delta Sorority seeks to change that.

September is International Women's Friendship Month. This is a month dedicated to celebrating women and girls' friendships no matter their age. The Confidence Coalition was founded with one sole purpose: to celebrate women and help instill confidence in them. You may be wondering how any of this links together. Well, Kappa Delta actually founded the Confidence Coalition movement. Kappa Delta also originally created National Women's Friendship Day and it expanded to the entire month of September. Pretty cool, right?

It is pretty cool. Throughout the month of September, Kappa Delta chapters all over the country put on events that celebrate women's friendship, and in turn help celebrate and promote confidence in all of these women. Have you ever had a friendship with someone that pushed you to be better than you are? Or someone who just helped you feel more confident when you were with them? That is what Kappa Delta wants to celebrate with International Women's Friendship Month.

The Confidence Coalition is doing a series throughout the month of September titled "Friendship Unscripted". The trailer and first video can be seen below.

[vimeo_embed expand=1]

Friendship Unscripted trailer from Confidence Coalition on Vimeo.

[vimeo_embed expand=1]

Friendship Unscripted: Carrington, Gia, Emily and Murphy from Confidence Coalition on Vimeo.

Kappa Delta helps celebrate these things by continuing to commit themselves to the goals of the Confidence Coalition (themselves, really) and always remembering that everyone deserves to feel great about who they are. They host events like the "You Make Me Smile" Campaign. This campaign is where members of Kappa Delta take balloons (or anything else really; balloons are just super popular for this campaign) and write inspiring, confidence-instilling quotes on them. They then hand out these balloons on their college campus. University of Central Florida made a video of theirs:

One of the best things about International Women's Friendship Month and the Confidence Coalition is that anyone can participate. There is a strong focus on promoting confidence in women, but there is also an importance of promoting confidence in everyone. In every person you come across you can instill some confidence in them.

It is easy to get involved with this movement. Specifically for girls, teens, collegians, and women you can go to this link and sign the pledge. Take a stand to promote confidence in those who may not have a lot of it.

Kappa Delta also has an article titled "Five Ways to Celebrate IWFM".

So, how are you going to celebrate International Women's Friendship Month and the Confidence Coalition?

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