Internal War

This poem is inspired by the feeling that your stuck in-between multiple negative feelings, and that you can't get out.

Numbness, or pain

Alone,or surrounded

That’s all I ever feel,

They conflict, fighting,

Neither wanting the other to win,

Which is worse to feel?

I can’t help but wonder,

Which one is better?

The pain, or the numbness,

To be left alone,

Or to be surrounded by people,

All of whom would happily leave,

With little thought.

Neither is better,

Yet both are worse,

I am neither alive,

Nor am I dead,




Only the darkness to greet me,

Will I be saved?

Or will I fall,

And be left to drown,

Will my inner demons win?

Then again

Who do they have to fight,

The angles left long ago,

Good memories, mix with bad,


Which ones are real,

Which ones are fake,

Yet I can’t complain,

Because in the end

Good or bad,

Real or fake,

Their all I have.

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