In yoga philosophy, an intention, or sankalpa in Sanskrit, is a statement or resolve that helps to harness both the mind and body during yoga practice. Setting a sankalpa at the start of your day or yoga practice can keep you focused and more present and intentional in all that you do.

When setting your sankalpa, try not to over-think and see whatever it is that comes first to mind or resonates most immediately. Sankalpas can be a single word or a full sentence statement such as, "I am peaceful" or "I live with ease". How do you want to feel? What do you need? What will you offer yourself and others? Browse this list when you need inspiration! Words with a Sanskrit translation are noted in parentheses.

1. Letting go (Sanskrit: Vairagya) 

2. Steadiness (Sanskrit: Sthira)

3. Bliss (Sanskrit: Ananda)

4. Ease

5. Joy

6. Awakening

7. Stillness

8. Discernment (Sanskrit: Viveka)

9. Truth (Sanskrit: Satya)

10. Rest

11. Balance

12. Energy

13. Peace

14. Gratitude

15. Inner strength

16. Guidance

17. Connected

18. Awareness

19. Acceptance

20. Healing

21. Present

22. Thoughtful

23. Alignment

24. Space

25. Listening