9 Things I Could Be Doing Instead Of Having A Cold

So I haven't gotten sick during school since Freshman year, but now, it had to be at the worst possible time: during my semester abroad. Look, I know Doctor Who is on British Netflix, but we have Netflix at home! I'd rather be doing cool (or at least less boredom-inducing) stuff!

1. Going out to a pub


No, I don't drink beer, but I'd still love to know what the fuss over pub food is all about while having a sense of taste and not coughing all over everyone's drinks.

2. Cursing the person who gave me this cold 


Maybe those hours of watching Supernatural on Netflix could pay off somehow. That idiot needs to get some karma.

3. Getting a full night of sleep

Look, I sleep on my side, you can rant about the "sleep upright" or "sleep on your back" hacks all you want, but maybe it's not comfortable!

4. Museum hopping in central London


Look, I've been to two last week, and the museums are amazing (And free!). Hopefully by Saturday, I might be recovered enough to hit the British Museum.

5. Buying cheap candy (and another Cadbury's mint oreo bar)


WHY DON'T THEY HAVE THOSE IN AMERICA?! IS IT BECAUSE THEY DARE TO USE MILK INSTEAD OF SUGAR?! Cheap Candy Day is also on Friday the 15th, and I'll save you readers a "hatred of Valentine's Day" rant in favor of how much I'm going to stock up on. But walking in this weather? In this condition? Nope.

6. Travelling to Cardiff


I'm trying to figure that out, but that won't be any fun while hacking and wheezing. Since I'm on this side of the pond, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity to take a Whovian pilgrimage.

7. Meeting a cute British (or otherwise European) guy


That's just me being a hopeless romantic. And those accents...I mean, it's not like they're all as sophisticated as they are in the movies, but... one can't help but wonder. However, a coughing fit couldn't be more unattractive.

8. Travelling to Ireland


Hey, it's a beautiful country, and it's a great opportunity to get in touch with my roots. I doubt my plane phobia and a cold would mix too well!

9. Have a more original idea for this piece


I would have loved to do a story or dramatic dialogue this week, but it seems the cold has taken over my brain, and I couldn't come up with anything too engaging.

This could have just happened during finals week, or better yet, winter break, but no...

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