100 Things You Can Do To Pass The Time Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix
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100 Things You Can Do To Pass The Time Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix

Now you really can't say "I had nothing better to do."

100 Things You Can Do To Pass The Time Instead Of Binge-Watching Netflix

Binge-watching Netflix is the demise of most of us. We say "we'll just watch one episode," and then after a week, we are five seasons into the show. Let's do the math--an 8 season show, 15 episodes a season, 1 hour each. That's 120 hours of your life, or 5 days. Here are other 100 things you can do with that time.

1. Do your homework instead of saving it for the class before it's due.

2. Call your best friend from home.

3. Bake a recipe from facebook.

4. Have actual human interaction with someone.

5. Get some 6 pack abs in the gym.

6. Spend all your money on Amazon prime.

7. Throw a house party.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt with your friends.

9. Have an actual conversation with someone.

10. Take a road-trip to California.


12. Build a fort.

13. Study for that test you have tomorrow.

14. Write for the Odyssey Online

15. Look up Michael Scott memes all day.

16. Go on a mission trip to a foreign country.

17. Binge-Watch This is Us on Hulu 10 times over.

18. READ.

19. Go on a date.

20. Talk to someone.

21. Pray.

22. Make your own room decorations.

23. Do your laundry.

24. Wash your sheets.

25. Do 100 squats.

26. Cook healthy food.

27. Cook unhealthy dessert.

28. Work extra hours.

29. Watch every Nicholas Sparks movie to ever exist.

30. Have a spa day

31. Have a girls night.

32. Look through old photos.

33. Make a scrapbook.

34. Make a movie with pics/videos from the semester.

35. Learn to knit a sweater from your grandma

36. Write a song about how you love or hate boys.

37. Go out to the club and make friends.

38. Meet your dream guy.

39. Plan your wedding.

40. Create Michael Scott Memes.

41. Film a continuation of the Office

42. Stalk all the Jenners' and Kardashians on Instagram.

43. Write your own conspiracy theory about the Kardashians.

44. Make a vlog and post it on youtube.

45. Call your mom and dad to say hi.

46. Go to a spinning class.

47. Decide never to go to spinning class ever again.

48. Paint the Mona Lisa.

49. Camp out at the Grand Canyon.

50. Take a cute but terrifying picture at the edge of the Grand Canyon #fortheinsta

51. Actually open your bible.

52. Plan out your future.

53. Write 20 odyssey articles.

54. Write someone a letter.

55. Visit a nursing home.

56. Visit an animal shelter.

57. Update your resume about all the good stuff you did.

60. Visit your old high school and cringe.

61. Stalk your middle school photos and cringe even more.

62. Learn another language.

63. Go to a drive in movie.

64. Socialize.

65. Fantasize about Jack Pearson the whole time.

66. Stay out and watch the stars all night.

67. Tell your story to someone.

68. Try to study for the GRE/MCAT/LSAT.

69. Realize you don't need that negativity and spend the day sleeping in an hammock.

70. Fly to Australia

71. Try out your Australian accent

72. Find the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants around you and try them all.

73. Extreme coupon for the next time you go to the store because you broke.

74. Watch every ted talk to ever exist and feel well rounded.

75. Make the most lit Spotify playlist ever.

76. Talk to someone you don't know at lunch.

77. Run outside to burn off your Saturday night.

78. Go hiking... and take some cute pics.

79. Learn to do a Cartwheel and make a fool of yourself.

80. Watch college gymnastics all day

81. while sitting on the couch eating popcorn

82. Realizing college athletics just wasn't for you

83. Go skydiving

84. Buy the video of you skydiving to make your friends jealous

85. Sit in nature...without your phone (gasp)

86. Find a random spotify artist to fan-girl about.

87. Look up fail videos on youtube.

88. Go out to watch the sunset

89. Stay out the rest of the night looking at the stars.

90. Get ready for class in the morning.

91. Use the medically terminology you learned from Grey's anatomy

92. Maybe consider med school, but then realize the hospital has too much drama

93. and you spend too much time on Netflix to do med school.

94. Drive to Las Vegas.

95. Spend your savings on drinks

96. Get married to a random guy.

97. Wake up in a Denny's parking lot

98. Realize that maybe your were better off staying home

99. and watching Netflix.

100. Return to binge-watching Netflix.

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