Insomnia + Google = Knowledge
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Insomnia + Google = Knowledge

Things you might not know but have probably wondered...

Insomnia + Google = Knowledge
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I sincerely love sleeping and I could probably sleep all day every day, but I struggle to fall asleep when I'm actually supposed to. I tend to stay up extremely late and regret it every morning. It's not that I choose to stay up late... It just happens. Every night my mind is flooded with completely random questions that I just HAVE to find the answers to...

My fight with insomnia has led to a pretty serious relationship with Google (my search history is absolutely ridiculous). Google does this neat thing where it automatically generates an answer to your question based on results it finds.

Here are some questions that kept me up at night and the answers I've found--- thanks to my BFF Google:

1. Why are Doritos triangle-shaped?

Doritos are made from tortillas. Tortillas are round. When something round is cut, triangle-looking pieces result. Magic.

2. Why are barns painted red?

This question didn't actually have a clear answer but the answers were all similar.

Farmers used to add rust to the oil mixture they painted their barns with. Farms often had an abundance of rust and it helped kill/prevent mold and moss.

3. What is the smallest species of bird?

The bee hummingbird (a little over two inches long).

4. How old is Matthew McConaughey?

He turned 47 this month... but it's alright because age is just a number. #soulmate

5. Why does the word refrigerator not have a "d" in it, but fridge does?

According to, the common spelling makes the most sense in regards to pronunciation and "if the letters "frig" were used, the outcome would be that the letters would equal the existing word "frig," which means a sexual act."

6. Is each fruity pebble a different flavor?

No one agrees on if they all taste the same or not; there isn't a clear answer. Cheers to more lost sleep.

7. What is Fetty Wap's real name?

Willie Maxwell II

8. Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?


9. Why was Missouri named Missouri?

The state is named after a tribe of Sioux Indians called the Missouris.

10. How much should you sleep each night?

Answers vary throughout the internet but most sources say soemwhere from seven to nine hours a night is healthy.

11. Can you die from not sleeping?

There isn't a clear answer to this either but the stuff that pops up when you Google this could keep you busy all night. I genuinely feel awful for the lab rats that aren't allowed to sleep so we can try to figure out the answer to this. It looks like someone probably wouldn't die from lack of sleep, but could die from the effects of sleep deprivation. I can barely make it an entire day without napping, how in the world can someone stay awake for days or weeks?

Pretty important stuff right there. You're welcome.

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