6 Insightful And Entertaining Podcasts To Add To Your Listening List

6 Insightful And Entertaining Podcasts To Add To Your Listening List

If you're into podcasts of many genres, these podcasts definitely don't disappoint.


Hopping on the podcast app these days can be a bit overwhelming because these days, the podcast market is completely saturated.

It took me so long to actually get into podcasts because I got so overwhelmed trying to find a good podcast that I just gave up every time I tried—because let's be real, there's a lot of bad podcasts out there.

It wasn't until I started looking to lists from trusted bloggers, or recommendations from friends, that I started finding podcasts that I truly enjoyed and added value to my life. If you're experiencing the same podcast struggles that I was, I'm here to help! These are some podcasts that I absolutely love and that deliver fantastic content from week to week!

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

Goal Digger Podcast

Not to be confused with gold digger... although I do believe it is a play on words. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, or even just want to learn cool things about branding, SEO, or marketing, this podcast is for you! Jenna has such a contagious energy that translates right through the podcast and she has such incredible insights into the entrepreneurial world.

2. SHE Podcast

She Podcast

Jordan Lee Dooley is such a sweet soul and each of her podcasts feels as if you chatting over coffee with a close friend. She focuses a lot on personal development and has extremely practical, tangible advice for moving toward personal growth. I definitely recommend if you are looking to feel empowered and encouraged.

3. The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

Ben Higgins

Ben H and Ashley I, two of Bachelor Nation's most beloved members hosting a podcast recapping episodes of the bachelor? Yes please. These two have such a fun energy together and hearing their take each week on the episode from the night before is nothing short of entertaining. They also tend to have lots of guests on the show from bachelor nation, so that keeps things interesting.

4. This Cultural Moment

John Mark Comer

A friend of mine introduced me to this podcast, and man is it full of knowledge and insight. This podcast is hosted by the pastors of Bridgetown church in Portland and Red Church in Melbourne and discusses following Jesus in this cultural moment. It's extremely insightful if you ever have questions about being a Christian in this post-christian culture that we live in.

5. How I Built This With Guy Raz

Guy Raz

This Podcast tells the stories of some of the world's best know companies and how people built these successful businesses from Instagram to Allbirds to Lyft, etc. It's pretty inspirational because a lot of these people were just like you and me, but with hard work, determination, (and I believe God's will), they were able to achieve incredible success.

6. Churchome with Judah Smith

Judah Smith

If you are a Christian and looking for some FIRE sermons, look no further. Judah Smith is an incredible preacher and always bring the word of God in a relevant and convicting way, and also has a great sense of humor. This podcast has helped me grow in my faith quite a bit.

Hopefully at least one of these podcasts spark your interest, but I promise they're all fantastic and if you're into any of these topics, you will not be disappointed. Finding the right podcast can be a tricky game, and I always find suggestions extremely helpful. Happy listening!

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