Long hair. Short hair. Thick. Skinny. Tall. Short. Smart. Dumb. Pretty. Ugly. Handsome. Athletic. Clumsy. Rich. Poor. The list goes on forever...

All these insecurities float around in our mind's every day. They bounce around like a marble in a shoe box, rolling back and forth with nowhere to escape.

We sit for hours at night wondering why we were the chosen ones for our personal insecurities. Why were we picked? Why us? Why me? Why, why, why.

Frustrating nights. Frustrating jealousy. Frustrating situations. Frustrating is an understatement!

They define who we are. They offer individuality. Even the bad ones have a deeper meaning behind them.

It is easy to get swept up in all the stereotypes, but being self-aware and being able to be confident in your own skin is KEY.

We have to overcome them in our own way.

You are smart.

You are funny.

You are beautiful.

You are handsome.

You are athletic.

You are amazing.

You are you.

Do not second guess yourself when you look at your insecurities in the mirror. Face them. Own them.

As Vin Diesel says, "It's insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams."

Personally, I have learned the importance of individuality entering college. When you're applying to colleges with hundreds of other people, you must stick out in your own way. If we did not have those insecurities, we would not stick out.

The beauty of insecurities can actually pave the way to amazing things. Blog posts sharing your personal life experiences can influence others and create a huge following.

Hearing millionaires discuss the start of their path can show different insecurities they may have faced over time.

Insecurities may haunt us and keep us worrying, but through and through we build off them. Different companies for different careers pick different employees based on those insecurities. Different sports teams have different athletes with different insecurities. Different actors and actresses are chosen in movies have a variety of insecurities.

The point of this all is that insecurities are something that we ALL have. They are something we may or may not be able to control, but something that stands out. For the good or for the bad, these insecurities are like punching bags to life. We need to knock them down to move forward.

Next time you feel that your insecurity is stopping you from being your best, realize it is actually helping you stand out.