Influential Voices On Instagram Who Practice Sustainable Living
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Influential Voices On Instagram Who Practice Sustainable Living

Take a look at these influential people to be inspired by their dedication to living a greener life.

Influential Voices On Instagram Who Practice Sustainable Living
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

@permacrafters on Instagram posted influential voices who speak on herbalism, environmental justice, ecology, zero-waste lifestyles, sustainable farming, climate activism, sustainable fashion, and the great outdoors.


Screenshots from @empresskarenmrose on Instagram

@empresskarenmrose -Karen shares how to use different herbs and explains all the benefits they provide.

Environmental Activism

Screenshot from @wastefreemarie on Instagram

@wastefreemarie - Marie advocates for people and the planet. She uses her voice to inspire others to be better and make the right choices.

Climate Activist

Screenshot from @namugerwaleah on Instagram

@namugerwaleah -Namugerwa is an amazing 15 year old who raises attention to our changing climate. She is so empowering and influential and making real change.

Outdoor Living

Screenshots from @outdoorjournaltour on Instagram

@outdoorjournaltour -Michelle runs this astonishing page to empower women through mindfulness & the great outdoors. Her saying is "we hike to heal" and she really shows how it helps.


Screenshots from @juitamartinez on Instagram

@juitamartinez -Juita is an inspiring PhD student who shares her love for birds through her Instagram posts. Sharing the species and what they're doing in her photos to enlighten people.

Sustainable Living

Screenshot from @sustainablebrowngirl on Instagram

@sustainablebrowngirl -Ariel shows us the changes she's made in her life to be more waste free and sustainable. She uses her page to highlight all people of color who are making a difference for the planet. Her podcast sustainable brown girls aired June first, give it a listen for sustainable tips & tricks.

Sustainable Fashion

Screenshot from @positive.obsession on Instagram

@positive.obsession -Devonne shows us how to re-style and re-use in the cutest ways. Recently she showed how to style a dress 28 different ways in 28 days and they were all fabulous.

Sustainable Farming

Screenshots from @indyofficinalis on Instagram

@indyofficinalis -Indy shares how she sustainably farms in Los Angeles and the food she grows goes to houseless people. Talk about making a huge impact. She shares her foraging finds and the amazing things she turns them into.

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