Social media influencers to follow if you don't already

You don't need to follow any of these people, but I highly recommend because they all have something different to offer. I follow different types of influencers, meaning their channels and purpose for sharing their lives with us lucky people are all different and it can be super interesting and beneficial to see life from so many different perspectives you normally wouldn't see.

David Dobrik

I absolutely love David's vlogs. They are all so original and as a subscriber, there is something different in each upload. I like watching his vlogs when I'm in need of a good laugh or honestly if I'm just bored. His channel is the only one I'll go back to and re-watch videos over and over. He keeps the fun rolling all day long on his Instagram and Snapchat stories. At this point, I feel like everyone has at least heard of him and if you aren't subscribed to his channel, you need to be. He is best friends with Josh Peck (Josh from "Drake and Josh"), he gives his friends and strangers new cars as well as surprises the people closest to him with things they've always wanted, also VLOG SQUAD. While he's a major goof, he has a giant heart and every video of his is worth it.

Maggie MacDonald

You probably haven't heard of her because she doesn't have millions of subscribers like David Dobrik, but her channel is one of my favorites to binge. She is a college student in Boston who has a passion for fitness, fashion, and health. As a college student with similar passions, it's cool to watch vlogs of her daily routine because it is very similar to mine. I've gotten a lot of health tips from her regarding healthy eating and if she doesn't make you want to try soul cycle, then I don't know who will.

Sarah's Day

She is my absolute favorite channel, hands down. I find every video to be helpful and interesting. Sarah is a fitness guru and domestic princess. She does "baby vlogs" on her Instagram stories every day, which makes going on Instagram more entertaining. She shares healthy recipes, foods, exercises and her lifestyle with her viewers. I get in those "I don't want to go to the gym" or "I'll go tomorrow," moods but watching her make the most of every day she has is the most inspiring thing to watch and if that doesn't make you want to get off your butt and make some healthy changes, I'm really not sure what will.

Danielle Carolan

Danielle is another college student, but she vlogs in weeks not just days, which I enjoy a lot more than regular vlogs. She is a sophomore at UGA and she also runs a podcast, Gals on the Go, with Brooke Miccio. Her Youtube channel and podcast are super entertaining to watch/listen to because her daily schedule looks a lot like mine. I've learned helpful organizational tips which are so awesome because I'm in a constant state of stress. She also has the best taste in clothing and many of my OOTDs are inspired by her.

Jeffree Star

Hey, how are ya? While he has millions of subscribers, I feel like his channel is extremely underrated. Jeffree Star is an OG in the makeup community. His channel is the most entertaining of any other beauty guru because he keeps it authentic. All his videos are real, whether it's a review or a collab with another guru, he is true to himself and is brutally honest always. That's what makes his videos so fun to watch.

There are so many amazing influencers on the platform that do great things and create awesome content, but these are my favorites as of the last couple months. That is always subject to change, but if you're looking for new people to binge-watch/stalk on Insta, these are the five I recommend.

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