Infatuation Abdication, a Poem
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Poetry on the Odyssey: "Infatuation Abdication"

The story of a king who gave up everything for his love

Photo by Peter Oswald on Unsplash

Upon this Throne of Clowns, I sit

A Jester's Crown atop my head they fit

I confess that this is quite insane

But from Your touch, I cannot abstain

My feet, where once they kissed, they now strip bare

And beg me to forsake the whole affair

For You, it's true, this far I've come

For You, I knew, I'd gladly give my kingdom

My jewels, my golds, my treasured arms

My defenses, Your charms did quickly disarm

Your image, your words, they do so captivate

My family titles I do so abdicate

I would not dare trade Eden for Eve

But leaving you I could not conceive

For You, I'd burn the fertile Gardens in Babylon

For You, I'd surrender Arthur's lands in Avalon

The ministers, they fight to take my place

And they all think me some disgrace

But only You see past my well-worn fiction

I have no doubts about this regal eviction

No Purple robes could replace Your affections

My ancestors must silence their ghostly objections

For You, I'd shut the palace doors, and salt the grounds to dust

For You, I'd merrily watch and wave, as my court clamors in disgust

Where once I dreamt of battle, of conquering some great land

To be a King, a Tsar, a Caesar, was all I ever planned

But You, Your joy, Your laugh, Your smile

Making me feel like a lovesick juvenile

Now they clergymen, they cry, they weep afoul

Oh! and the generals, they thunder, how they howl!

But for You, I must confess, I'd silence all distress

For You, I'd cast pity on their anxious joylessness

We'll live a life we build in exile

And for once, live one worthwhile

Because we'll be together

And there's nothing I wouldn't do for Her

For You

For You

For You

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