I'm An Individual In A Sea Of Clones
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Student Life

I'm An Individual In A Sea Of Clones

But is that necessarily a bad thing?


What comes to mind when you picture the typical college student?

Sleep deprived? Stressed beyond the point of no return? Scrounging for pocket money? Yes...the ugly truth has been exposed.

But beyond the similarities we unanimously grieve over, everyone has the chance to create their own style, interests, and way of life. From what I've observed, very few give thought to this opportunity.

There's more to the pictured "typical college student" nowadays besides our commonalities, with emphasis on appearance and choice of a lifestyle.

During my time walking around campus, and browsing social media, I spot about 90% of students wearing similar, if not an exact replica, of each other's outfits. The same fraternity/sorority rush shirts, denim (way too) short shorts, baseball caps, and vintage band shirts circa the 60's-70's.


While these styles and many more are considered a part of our popular culture, it's become WAY too repetitive among my generation. And frankly, I'm sick of it.

As a 19-year-old, many expectations are for me to be the type to go out to parties, drink to my heart's content, and live life like there's no tomorrow. It seems to be everyone else's version of fun; therefore it must be fine, right?

Absolutely not.

I compare the way I dress and the way I decide to spend my leisure time to that of my classmates every day. While I incorporate the latest trends into my wardrobe, I find a way to make it my own while staying modest.

My major life concerns do not revolve around finding an outfit to match a theme for a party, or planning who's going to walk me home afterward. The party atmosphere scares me to no end; you wouldn't dare catch me at a frat house holding a red Solo cup.

So many students my age follow this lifestyle, which is perfectly okay, to each their own. My only concern is that they don't realize what more to life there is, besides the "typical young adult behavior". Or that they only care about wearing what's currently trending to keep up with the popular crowd, and gain more likes on social media.

Many times I believe I'm the only one with this mindset, that I'm the only one who isn't striving to live like the majority of college students my age. Their interests do not attract me in the slightest, and I'm thankful. I prefer to establish my own goals, concerns, and appearance. Standing out from the crowd expresses uniqueness, as opposed to blending in.

I praise those who I do see dress opposite from what everyone else is wearing or finding their own way of fun. It's important to discover your individual passions and way of living, not to follow what everyone else is doing. It helps me realize I'm an individual, but I don't stand alone.

There are others in this world that stand on the opposite end of the spectrum, and I praise them for showing it off.

Never feel ashamed or scared to express interest in anything that deviates from the norm. Embrace your originality, for you have been blessed with characteristics that deviate from what the majority has.


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