Meet Beach Escape's Developer
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Meet Beach Escape's Developer

The first major game project being developed by myself

Meet Beach Escape's Developer
Charles Warr

You are bored, in class watching the clock on the wall just wishing for the dismissal time to get here already. During that long process, you decide to hop on your phone to waste time. Facebook is filled with spam, Instagram has nothing but ghost followers, and SnapChat gets very repetitive. So you run out of options and your final choice to waste time with is to play that Flappy Bird.

That Flappy Bird game keeps you occupied and before you know it class is over! What a relief!

That game help you skip by so many boring hours of lectures, but have you ever thought about the development behind the creation of that game?

The development of a game is a long and tedious road but many game developers been through this procedure more than once. It requires patience, a lot of research, knowledge about what games are and what makes them fun. So it is time to introduce my first major game project; BEACH ESCAPE!

Beach Escape is my stepping stone into the game development process as well as the game design industry. I started this project at the end of my 4th year being in College at Mississippi Valley State University.

While I am still attending Valley, I am currently going through the Computer Science Bachelor’s program to earn my degree. This program goes heavily into multiple different programming languages to prepare students for a career in software engineering and other industrial technical fields. Studying programming slowly turned me to game programming.

Playing games is my favorite hobby, however I struggled to decide how it would benefit me in a long run until I came across my fourth year. During that spring semester, Beach Escape was born. It came to life during my internship searching attempts coming towards the end of that semester. Trying to find a game design internship, I constantly got rejected a lot by one simple reason; I did not have any work to show.

So now I started working on developing a game, after multiple long nights of creating ideas and thinking about implementing them, I initiated bringing Beach Escape together. Using a beach theme, this platformer based project uses a simple gameplay mechanic to entertain its player, that being jumping and ducking through beach isles. The player controls the main character (Keith – he is still being developed) which they will help guide him back to civilization being stranded on some beach isles.

Beach Escape started as an internship portfolio project, to being my first major Game Project that I plan on publishing and distributing across consoles, PC, as well as mobile phones.

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