Dear Incoming College Freshman
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Dear Incoming College Freshman

All I was searching for was me.

Dear Incoming College Freshman

Amidst all of my success and failures in my first year of college, I learned that in all of the decisions that I made each day, and all the adventures I embarked on I was really just searching for myself.

Your freshman year of college is going to be extremely hard. It is an experience in itself, one that should be completely separated from the totality of the memory that you will call college. It is one that is made up of beautiful little bits of adventure and long streaks of what seems to be nauseating failure.

In the past year, I have learned a lot about myself, and you will learn a lot about yourself, too. In all of the memories that I made in my freshman year, I’ve learned what I am made of. Who I am as a person. What my values are. Who I feel comfortable building relationships with and what type of people are worth my time and effort.

In the late nights that you will spend typing away at your computer, you are searching for yourself. Do you have the ability to learn this subject, or should you gut it up tomorrow and go in for your first office hours with the professor for help? Just go for it. Reach out to that Professor, and build some confidence in your ability to communicate with someone on a highly intellectual level.

When your moral values are tested, and you are torn between sides make up your own mind based upon what your conscience feels is right. Begin to build your own set of values based upon what your body is telling itself, and not solely based on what your parents have told you is right. Detach yourself from prior stereotypes.

Maybe let a person into your life, and see if they fit into what you find appealing. If that person seems to be worthy of your beautiful and undivided attention, then put in the effort to building a lasting friendship and relationship.

Listen to new music. When finished, go to Waffle House (even if it is 2 a.m.).

Love your roommate unconditionally, and let them know when you feel like the thermostat should be turned down.

Explore a college party, and keep to your own set of guidelines as to what you do and do not want to do at that party.

Let your hair down when you dress up for class; wear it naturally and let the world see its shine.

Know that it is always acceptable to say no. Don’t let people take advantage of you.

It is OK to not be in a romantic relationship in college -- don’t just latch onto the first person who calls you pretty. Stay single for a while, and enjoy spending some time with yourself.

Use your resources when necessary; always seek help when needed. Office hours and tutoring are there for a reason.

Don’t be afraid to raise your hand in class. Intelligence is what got you accepted into the college, anyways.

Wear heels to class if it makes you feel pretty, and don’t be afraid to break gender stereotypes.

Search for yourself. As your mom takes that photo of you sitting on your dorm room bed, embrace the moment. A year’s worth of separation from your parents is going to make you miss them, but when you return you will have found who it is exactly that you are -- and who you want to be.

It is OK to be scared. It is a journey. Love yourself every day. Go out and explore.

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