A short dance piece set to Imogen Heap's song Hide and Seek. Focusing on the low incarceration rates for sexual assualt cases. The dancers body is decorated with statistics as you watch her fight the constant battle with the media and against rape culture to be seen as more then just a body to abuse. Eventually ending with her death a figurative ending to the never ending battle for justice in cases of this magnitude. Co-Creater with fellow Odyssey writer, Yasmeen Ashour and dancer Akeelah "Bizzare" Metlock for our final projects. The statistics are as follows:

15 out of 16 Rapists walk free.

39% of attacks reported of those 50.8% chance of arrest.

Of 39% of attacks reported, 16.3% chance of prison.

If arrested 80% chance of prosecution.

If prosecuted 58% chance of arrest.

Once convicted only 64% chance of jail time.