Fiction On Odyssey: In Your Dreams

The feeling of a runny nose was the best way to describe the feeling of the blood dripping from my face to the cold concrete. I was slowly fading in and out of consciousness as the lights and sounds around me were creating an eerie glow around the room that I could only see grainy pictures of with the tattered blindfold over my hazel eyes. I'm sure I looked a mess, but at that given moment, I didn't care. Racing thoughts were clouding my head on possible ways to escape the torture that would plague my body in minutes to come. My wrists burning as the ropes wear against my skin as I fight to untie the knots holding me hostage. I could feel the vibrations of heavy boots shaking the floor as my abductors were coming closer and closer to the room I was in. 2 men, around 220 lbs, 6'6", dark hair with pale skin, I thought as the vibrations were becoming much more prominent and the door handle began to turn. Muffled chuckles were all that I heard around me as I felt strong arms lift me to my feet. The pressure in my head was excruciating as I could barely hold up my small frame.

"What do you want from me," my voice croaked out. My fingers shaking as I grip onto the forearm of my captor.

"Wouldn't you like to know", I could feel the smile grazing the face of the burly man to my left. My small bones were shattering under the grip of the two unnamed men. I could feel the bruises beginning to form on my small forearms.

"Boss is going to love that we brought him Aurorah Smalls," chuckled the abductor to my left. His calloused hand caressed my cheek as I pulled away, the muscles in my neck stretching more than they have been used to in a long while.

"That's not my name," I repeat for what feels like the thousandth time, although he had just spoken the words for the first time. I shake with fear wondering what Aurorah had done to make these men want to capture her in the first place.

"Sure sweetheart," growled the other voice. He was soft spoken, compared to the other at least. I could tell this wasn't the line of work that he wanted to be in.

"What if I help you find the real Aurorah?," I ask desperately to be freed from this prison. I didn't know why, but that was the only real answer I could come up with at that moment. My fingernails were digging into the skin of whoever was supporting my body at that time.

The next thing I knew, the bright light from what seemed like a lamp was flooding my eyes as the men came into view. I was correct with my description, the more soft spoken one was clean shaven while the more aggressive of the two was coated with a scraggly beard taunting me with my blindfold.

"Just let me go, I'll do anything", I squeaked.

"In your dreams", the voice on my left growled.

I awoke startled, as I glanced at the clock across the room, 3 am. The devil's hour, my lips turn into a sinister smile as I lay my head back down on the pillow, eager to start another dream.

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